Keep Your Employees Engaged All Summer

May 25th, 2012

For many businesses, the summer months can be a slow time. Clients are on vacation (as are the CEO and others on the executive team), and employees have plenty of non-work activities  to contend with – from making sure kids get to summer camp to household chores that can’t put be off any longer. It’s a time when your workforce can become easily distracted and productivity can suffer. So how do you keep employees engaged and focused?

Set goals

When team members are given a specific goal (with a specific timeframe), it helps concentrate their energies and gives them something to shoot for. Announce a goal – high, but achievable – and put it in writing so employees can stay on task throughout the summer months.

Keep talking

If employees don’t hear from their managers and supervisors during the summer, it’s little wonder their attention starts to wander. Keep your staff in the loop with regular announcements and/or short company-wide meetings. Share longer-range plans and invite input. This way, the team will feel they’re still part of a thriving business – and they may have some great ideas to contribute as well.

Provide the right tools for the job

When a printer breaks down or computers freeze for no reason, employees expect prompt assistance from IT. But if the IT help guy is on vacation and you’ve got a less-talented substitute in his place, employees will quickly determine that steady productivity isn’t a real priority. They can’t get things done if their tools don’t work. Make sure your computer systems and related processes are all kept up to speed, so no one can say broken-down equipment left them with little to do.

Maintain a positive work environment

When you come to work in the morning, do you enter an environment where employees are upbeat and working hard? Or do you sense that people are lethargic and maybe even a bit depressed? It’s up to you to foster an atmosphere that prizes camaraderie and collaboration, where team members are motivated to work hard because they like what they’re doing. You set the tone for the summer months.

Celebrate achievements

Employees who work hard should be recognized all year-round, but particularly during a time of slow business. Recognize these individuals through emails, newsletters, and at staff meetings. If a team marks a significant achievement, treat everyone to lunch or take them out after work to celebrate the occasion. Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded for their work, and during the dog days of summer, this helps keeps people engaged, rather than wishing they were somewhere else.

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