How Others Find You Online

May 17th, 2013

It is important to understand exactly how hiring managers use social media online to find candidates. This will allow you to participate on the best sites to attract recruiters. Gone is the day you can arrive at a business with your resume in hand and expect to speak with someone about a job. LinkedIn and Facebook is just the tip of the social recruiting iceberg. Here are four places you will want to consider a presence on the Internet.

  1. A Blog. Recruiters want to see subject matter experts and industry leaders. Develop an online brand that will attract them to you rather than only concentrating on applying to jobs online. Create a blog and consistently post relevant information. Comment on other industry blogs to link back to your own. Include this link on your resume along with LinkedIn and your other contact information.
  2. Look at job feeds online. Companies are embracing technology to allow them to reach more candidates than ever before. They will often push job postings to the web with links directly back to their company website and an application. Look at the companies you most want to work for and follow their job feeds.
  3. LinkedIn. 93% of all recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, according to a survey by Jobvite in 2012. For LinkedIn to be effective, it is important to create a complete profile which includes a photograph and a well worded headline. Join groups that are relevant to your industry or hobbies as well as your university alumni group and groups local to your area.
  4. Instagram. The popular photo sharing site probably isn’t the first place you think of when looking for a job, but recruiters are getting creative in their searches. Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags (#) to make searches easier.  Recruiters are able to find passive candidates by searching for phrases that may have been tagged by photo uploaders. Consider putting your photos on Instagram and tagging things like your city, your job, or your interests.

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What Your Resume Needs to Say

March 15th, 2013

There is really only one thing your resume needs to say to a hiring manager. It needs to ask the question “what makes me a better candidate than all the other people who have submitted their resume to this job?” It is important for that to be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Recruiters spend only seconds with their initial evaluation of a resume so choose your information wisely. Here are some ways you can answer that question.

  • What you’ve achieved. Showcase your promotions. If your upward movement was with the same company be sure to spit your roles up along with the dates you held those jobs. If you left a company to go to a position with more responsibility, be sure to indicate the increased requirements in the description.
  • What you’ve accomplished. Recruiters like to see tangible results. Did you increase sales by 75% in just one year? Did you save your company over $10,000 by implementing an improvement process? Be specific and provide numbers and data to back up your accomplishments.
  • How you’ve been rewarded. Were you ever Employee of the Year? Were you one of only 100 people in your large company to be given a president’s award? Share this information for each of your positions to show that you brought greatness to the table and were recognized for it.
  • Your proven competence. Many resume experts suggest you tread lightly on going into detail about your job duties. It is believed that the functions of the job are less important than your ability to outperform your competition. However, you still want to include enough of your experience and background to indicate to the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job.
  • Your expertise. Showing that you are competent at the job requirements is not enough, you need to show that you are an expert in that field. Many recruiters like to see candidates who write a blog on their subject. Develop an online brand and begin to write about the things you are most knowledgeable about.

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