Don’t Take Your Job Postings for Granted

April 13th, 2012

It’s easy to copy your hiring manager’s bare-bones job description and paste it online in a one-size-fits-all job posting. The problem is, you’ll save time and effort up-front and may not have much to show for it in terms of results.

Unique culture

Your company’s unique culture should be reflected in each job posting. There’s a certain type of personality your business is looking for, and the best first step in finding them is crafting a posting that appeals to that personality. As much as possible, take the rough wording you get and rework it into a posting that can generate more and better responses.

Don’t cross-post your listing

Due to the proliferation of search engines, it’s become conventional wisdom to simply cross-post the exact same job to multiple job boards – the idea being, you’ll increase the chances of matching your opening with the right candidate. In this case, the conventional wisdom is wrong. What’s more, this approach will not boost the volume of postings that show on search engines. Sites like SimplyHired and Indeed filter out any duplicate listings and list only the posting they indexed first.

To find the right person for your business, write a posting that speaks to that individual. This means taking the time to include specific information:

  • Relevant keywords your audience is searching for
  • Information about company culture, hiring process, benefits, etc.
  • Unique job responsibilities, opportunities for advancement

Job-seekers who respond to vague postings rarely turn out to be the ones you’re looking for. The more specific your job posting can be, the more likely it is the right person will find you.

What message are you sending?

Remember, a job posting represents your business just as much as a marketing brochure or a press release. What’s the message job-seekers get when they read your detailed, well-written posting? The message is: We’re an organization that cares about who we hire. We are professionals who want other professionals to join us. This company would be a perfect fit for a skilled, ambitious individual like you.

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