Social Offline Recruiting

February 8th, 2013

According to all current information the best place to hire the brightest candidates is online. Social networking is certainly very important for the 21st century workplace but there comes a time to take the search offline. What are some of the best ways to recruit employees without the internet? Here are four tips.

  1. It isn’t what you know but who you know. This is advice passed down from generations of working Americans. You need to know all the right people to get all the right places in this world. We haven’t stopped saying it even though we’ve been encouraging job seekers to retreat into the internet rather than get out and meet people. There is one great online network that can create offline connections:
  2. Find the right local group. Whether it is through MeetUp or any other social group the next phase is to organize face to face contact. Consider the types of people you want to attract to your business. Look at local social groups and networking groups to see where those people are spending their time. Start going to those events. At the very least you have an engaging social experience but you are likely to meet some candidates that you want to talk to more.
  3. Building your brand is about more than Facebook Likes. When counselors speak with students about to graduate from college they are finding that many are actually a little concerned about the online nature of most job hunts. They crave face to face interaction with local businesses so they can better assess the company and their environment. When a company puts their business out on Facebook they try to be engaging and personal so why not take that back to the real world?
  4. Start the conversation. Regardless of where you are; whether you are at a company sponsored social event or just out enjoying an evening out, never be afraid of engaging the people around you. You never know where that next connection can be made. Always carry your business card and be open to starting a conversation.

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