Hot Jobs from Meador Staffing: Accounting Associate and Area Applications Engineer Positions Available

July 5th, 2013

Accounting Associate

We are currently staffing for an accounting associate position in the northwest Austin area. The ideal candidate will have experience working with car dealerships and will have been responsible for statements, Finance & Insurance installment statements, bank deposits, refund checks, receivables, collections, and 1099s. The position is direct hire with benefits after 90 days. Our client is looking for someone with dedication who is interested in building long term relationships with the company.

The best candidates will have knowledge of accounting procedures on both manual and automated systems. They will be expert at MS Office, especially Excel, and be able to type at least 45 words per minutes. We are looking for a self-starter who is able to handle multiple tasks, is innovative, and very accurate. Must have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with co-workers, management, dealers, vendors, and banks. We are looking for someone with an accounting education along with four years or more in an office environment and working with customers. Must have at least two years’ experience with AR and AP. Contact us for information on the salary and benefits.

Area Applications Engineer

Our client is currently seeking qualified Area Applications Engineers for multiple locations including Denver, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and minimum of three years’ experience working as a field engineer performing cementing, acidizing, stimulation and nitrogen services as well as within an oilfield. Must be knowledgeable about PowerPro, PowerLink, CemFacts, Mfrac, FracPro, and other applicable engineering software.

The right candidates will provide high level of support to the product line, technical selling, and key field product applications. They will identify new product opportunities and development strategies and interface with product line and local management to support direction and strategies to best maximize opportunities. Our client is looking for individuals who will conduct all business activities according to company policies, legal compliance requirements and our core values. Candidates would be needed to travel up to 15% for these positions.

The pay range begins at $83,000 and may increase based on previous experience which is a competitive pay scale based on similar positions at

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What the Employer Needs to Hear From You

June 14th, 2013

There is a lot of interviewing advice on the Internet so how exactly do you know who to listen to and what will help you get a job? Many experts will tell you what to say and how to say it but these sometimes turn out to be disingenuous conversations. We want to share with you some real advice that can help you say the right things to your next interviewer.

  1. You can get the job done. Employees often say they don’t like to work for micro-managers. Most employers say they don’t like being micro-managers. They want to know that they can tell you what needs to get done and you can do it without having someone stand over your shoulder. Let them know you don’t need to be asked more than once to complete a project.
  2. Not only will it get done, but it will be excellent. On top of understanding your employer’s deadlines and being able to complete projects on time, it is important for them to know that you will do your very best work each and every time. No one wants to hire a candidate who only pays half the attention to detail necessary for each project.
  3. You’re a team player. Don’t specifically say the words “team player” because everyone says that, but show your interviewer that you are going to work well within the organization. Tell them you can get along with a lot of personalities and that you’re willing to work through situations to get the job done to the best of your ability.
  4. You can accept criticism. It is sometimes hard to hear that you’re doing something wrong but employers need candidates who are teachable. They need to know that if they have to talk to you about a problem that you won’t get defensive and upset.
  5. You are loyal. An employer wants someone who is going to be on their side. Talking behind their backs about their flaws will eventually get back around to you. Be an advocate for the business even after hours and promote the organization every chance you get.

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Hot Jobs at Meador: AP/AR Clerk and Process Controls Specialist Houston Area

May 31st, 2013

Temporary Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerk

Our client in the Houston area is currently seeking a qualified Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable clerk for a temporary assignment. The position is available immediately. Our client is looking for someone with experience in all aspects of general accounting including accounts payable and accounts receivable. Quickbooks experience is required.

This project is with an exciting and growing company and the position has the opportunity to become a permanent position for the right candidate. Our client values dependability and loyalty and would love to work with an accounting professional who is interested in developing a career with their company.

The position pays between $14 and $16 per hour which is competitive with similar opportunities in the Houston area, according to Contact Meador Staffing right away if you are qualified and interested in this position.

Houston Area Process Controls Specialist.

Are you proficient with Allen Bradley and Delta V. systems? Our client is seeking a specialist with experience in control and maintenance services for all areas of plant control systems. These systems must be applied, utilized, maintained, and developed to meet the needs of the operating units and overall business relating to safety, cost, rate, reliability, and quality. The right candidate will provide routine administrative support for all process control systems including maintaining and adding points to the control system, helping with loop checks, modifying operator displays, responding to system alarms, software backups, documentation, tuning using modern loop tuning techniques, and planned preventive maintenance. Must understand and work with the DCS Alarm system. This position is responsible for completing all safety and environmental training required of a Process Control Specialist.

Our client is looking for 7+ years of experience DCS experience in process controls within the petrochemical, refining or chemical industry. A qualified candidate will have at least an Associate of Applied Science degree in a technical discipline. Our top candidates will possess qualifications using Honeywell TDC3000 including the ability to program and troubleshoot the Honeywell TDC2000/3000. Must be proficient on point building, logic blocks configuration, CL programming, GUS graphic creation, able to understand UCN/LCN configuration and limitations, and hardware troubleshooting. Allen Bradley PLC experience required. Experience in information technologies as applied to process control system design and high degree of computer literacy with loading software, preventative maintenance, Windows Server 2003, and TCP/IP is required.

This direct hire position can pay up to $100K depending on experience.

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How Others Find You Online

May 17th, 2013

It is important to understand exactly how hiring managers use social media online to find candidates. This will allow you to participate on the best sites to attract recruiters. Gone is the day you can arrive at a business with your resume in hand and expect to speak with someone about a job. LinkedIn and Facebook is just the tip of the social recruiting iceberg. Here are four places you will want to consider a presence on the Internet.

  1. A Blog. Recruiters want to see subject matter experts and industry leaders. Develop an online brand that will attract them to you rather than only concentrating on applying to jobs online. Create a blog and consistently post relevant information. Comment on other industry blogs to link back to your own. Include this link on your resume along with LinkedIn and your other contact information.
  2. Look at job feeds online. Companies are embracing technology to allow them to reach more candidates than ever before. They will often push job postings to the web with links directly back to their company website and an application. Look at the companies you most want to work for and follow their job feeds.
  3. LinkedIn. 93% of all recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, according to a survey by Jobvite in 2012. For LinkedIn to be effective, it is important to create a complete profile which includes a photograph and a well worded headline. Join groups that are relevant to your industry or hobbies as well as your university alumni group and groups local to your area.
  4. Instagram. The popular photo sharing site probably isn’t the first place you think of when looking for a job, but recruiters are getting creative in their searches. Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags (#) to make searches easier.  Recruiters are able to find passive candidates by searching for phrases that may have been tagged by photo uploaders. Consider putting your photos on Instagram and tagging things like your city, your job, or your interests.

Do you want more advice about job searching and the Internet? Contact the professional staff at Meador and see how we can help you! The Pasadena TX staffing experts have the experience and network to help you advance your career and land your next job!

LinkedIn Search: What You Need to Know as a Job Seeker

April 12th, 2013

Over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find candidates for their open jobs. It is important as a job seeker to be where the recruiters are looking. Here are seven things that it is important to know about linkedin in to help you find your next opportunity.

  1. Be complete and be connected. LinkedIn uses algorithms that sort connections by relevance. You will show up at the top of the search for people to whom you are already connected. Increase your network through first level connections to maximize this. Also, be sure your profile is listed at 100% complete as the searches are also showing completed profiles at the top of the results.
  2. “Keywords” are not meaningless. With the major changes in Google searches many professionals are saying that peppering your profile with keywords is no longer necessary. However, recruiters are still using keywords in their LinkiedIn search. Linked in still uses smart searches and will return results based on where in the profile the keywords are included. Your headline, job title, and skills are good places to include this information.
  3. Use all the characters, join all the groups. When writing your headline it is a good idea to use all of the available character spaces. Also, LinkedIn has a cap on how many groups you can join so use all of those slots and find as many groups that relate to your industry or hobbies as you can. Creating the most detailed and complete profile means using all of the space and connections available to you.
  4. The “contact me” section. Your LinkedIn profile has an option to include advice for how to contact you directly. Keep in mind that LinkedIn does not use this field for their searches so adding key words isn’t necessary. However, you should maximize this space by including all of the ways a hiring manager can reach you including your phone number and email address.
  5. Synonyms. It is impossible to know exactly what combination of words a recruiter will use to search on LinkedIn so you may as well use them all. Consider all the ways you can phrase what it is that you do. If you work in Information Technology you may want to include the entire phrase, IT, support engineer, computer support, and any other combination of words that may pop up in a typical search.
  6. Review your progress. Every once in a while click on the sidebar option that reads “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”  Not only does this give you some insight on the individuals who have clicked on your information but also provides a chart that shows you how many searches you’ve appeared in. Each search on LinkedIn returns a list of names, profile photos, and headlines. If you’re appearing in a number of searching but not getting a lot of views you can revisit these aspects of your profile.
  7. LinkedIn is Number One. LinkedIn results appear more than any other social networking site in Google searches. By completing your profile you are not only inviting recruiters to view your information from within the site but also those who are searching externally.

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Don’t Get Lost in a Busy Workplace

August 10th, 2012

When starting a new job you want to make a great impression on your boss and team. You’ll strive to be the “go to” employee. Here are several tips to making sure you stand out from the crowd in an environment that can become easily distracted.

  1. Establish face time. Don’t settle for conference calls. When you need to speak with someone consider setting up a face to face meeting. People do remember faces so establish yours as the one they think of first when they need something handled.
  2. Put down your smartphone. When you start attending large corporate meetings it is not unusual to see everyone at the table with their smart phones in hand. Some people think this makes them look valuable – that they are so busy they can’t put down their phone even for a meeting. The opposite is actually true. People are avoiding the meeting even if attendance is required. Stand out by paying attention and even referring back to information regularly.
  3. Be interesting. You should be able to share something new that you’ve learned, or tried, or accomplished every week. People remember individuals who are willing to speak up and share their personal stories.
  4. It is all about them. Always be prepared to answer the question “what can you do for me?” Anticipate question before it is literally asked. Be ready to contribute and make your manager’s life and job easier.
  5. Be vocal. This doesn’t mean you shout to be heard above the din. Rather, you should avoid the lazy  trap of email and make sure your managers know the sound of your voice. Tone is much easier to understand when you’re speaking than when you’re typing. You will escape some of the common pitfalls of electronic communication.
  6. Stick to the point. Avoid having to clarify what you mean on a regular basis. If people have to ask your intentions or purpose it is possible you have not communicated your point clearly enough. Learn to do this and you will stand out.
  7. Be complimentary. Don’t just be a yes-person but do offer words of encouragement and praise when they are deserved. Individuals at every level respond better to positive reinforcement every time.

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