4 Ways to Highlight Your Experience on Your Resume

October 4th, 2013

We all know that the resume is the first step to a successful job hunt. There are so many answers for how to construct a perfect resume that it can be easy to get caught up in the details. You may want to make sure that your existing skills appear transferable to a new type of employer. Or you may want to demonstrate your broad experience to be attractive to a number of potential businesses. Here are 4 simple tips to highlight your experience on your resume to engage the reviewer’s attention and make them want to pick up that phone.

  • Use keywords from the job posting. Before you send a resume to a company review the job description and match up the language they use to your experience. Now spend a little time rewriting portions of your resume, especially your most recent experience, to reflect this language. The closer you get to the specific keywords they use to describe the job the more likely you will be considered a viable candidate.
  • Focus on results. Many people spend a lot of time listing the duties and functions of each of their jobs. Instead, in order to stand out, focus on the results of your contributions. Be specific and provide as much data as possible to highlight your accomplishments. Did you save your company over $600,000 by implementing a small change? Were you able to enhance your company’s organizational processes by creating a new procedure that is now used throughout the office?
  • Include volunteer experience. Companies are interested in hiring complete people with diverse backgrounds. They don’t want to talk to someone who spent 24 hours a day in the office. Show them your contributions to the community. Did you volunteer? Did you work through college to earn your degree? These things show that you are a complex and whole person and will pique their curiosity.
  • Avoid over-used terminology. Many resume resources will encourage you to use action verbs and power words, but be cautious about the overuse of these phrases. Writing that you are a “team player” is almost meaningless in today’s job market. Be aware of corporate speak and try to find new ways to indicate your experience.

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Top Ways to Retain Employees | Management Tips

December 21st, 2012

The darkness looming over unhappy employees can spread like a disease throughout your workplace. Once one individual is dissatisfied with their work and environment the attitude can permeate the office. When work performance slips below acceptable standards, it is up to the management to make the necessary steps toward improvement. While you could certainly fire the problem employee, it is much better for the overall morale of the office to try to make that employee happy and engaged again. Here are some ways to make improvements and retain employees.

  1. Try conducting “Stay Interviews.” Rather than waiting until someone quits to ask for feedback, start talking to your current employees about their jobs instead. Talk to them about what they like and what they don’t like about the company, their coworkers, and their bosses. Be sure they know their responses won’t jeopardize their job.  Use this information to make real changes in the office.
  2. Provide positive reinforcement. Unsatisfied employees often feel that way because they only hear negative feedback rather than positive. Employees will leave because they don’t feel respected or valued on the job. Provide recognition for employee accomplishments so they feel ownership in the success of the company.
  3. Ask for regular feedback. Employees should feel comfortable coming to management with their own concerns and questions. Let everyone know you have an open door policy and you welcome all kinds of feedback to make the company better. Also confirm that they understand their jobs won’t be negatively impacted if they come to you with issues they would like to discuss.
  4. Flexible schedules. Work/Life Balance is buzzword in corporate environments but it is an important concept for managers to take into consideration. Many dissatisfied employees are frustrated by spending more time with their coworkers than their families, even if they like each other. This can lead to burnout on the job. Offer flexible hours or ways to earn additional time off. Allow your employees to work from home all or part of the time if possible.

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Hot Jobs | Project Engineer and Certified Forklift Operator

December 14th, 2012

Direct Hire Project Engineer

A New Orleans-based marine terminal is looking for a professional project engineer to add to their team. This great opportunity has several benefits and a great salary.

Qualified individuals for this position will have Bachelor of Science in Engineering, and three 3 or more years working as an engineer for a marine terminal or related industry. Exceptional verbal and written communications are a must. The right candidate must be local. Candidates should be able to show a successful track record in their previous employment and be a great fit with the existing team.

This position is responsible for all project engineering and management support for assigned projects. They will administer the procurement program which will include issuing POs, provide field supervision, approve related invoices, and manage cost control programs. They will establish and keep track of the project costs and schedule. This individual will report directly to the Terminal Engineer.

Compensation will be $80,000 to $100,000 depending on the candidate’s prior experience. This position pays average or slightly above national average according to Salary.com.

Temporary-to-Hire Certified Forklift Operators

A busy and growing Pasadena warehouse facility is looking for experienced forklift operators to join their existing team. First and second shifts are available for qualified candidates looking to start immediately. This company believes investing in their employees’ future and promoting from within, so they are looking for candidates looking to make a career with their organization.

The forklift operators are responsible for moving materials including drums, pallets and super sacks. Forklift operators will unload incoming shipments and arrange them in the designated warehouse space. Safety will be a number one priority for all warehouse employees. Forklift Operators will also prepare products and materials for shipping, ensuring the correct number and quality of items. This employee will be responsible for fulfilling orders according to the customer’s needs.

Qualified candidates must have previous experience with both sit-down and stand-up forklifts. Candidates must have at least two-yeasr prior experience and be able to provide references from their previous employers.  Candidates must have a forklift certification and their own steel toed boots.

The company does offer a 5% shift differential for second shift. The position starts at $10.00 per hour and the rate of pay will increase upon permanent placement. Starting pay is competitive in the area according to Indeed.com.