Inspire Curiosity in Your Team Through Perks

November 19th, 2015

Innovation is a key part of business, no matter what it is that you do. Even with the most tried and true policies and procedures, times change. If your company doesn’t embrace new opportunities you may find yourself left behind by your competition. To that end, it is essential that you inspire your employees to remain curious enough to try new things and technologies. Fun office perks don’t always stand the test of time, but continued growth will. Here are some practical perks for your staff.

The Best Software for the Job

Employees are quickly frustrated when the tools they are trying to use for the job they are trying to do are inadequate. Many companies wait far too long to upgrade computer systems because technology changes quickly and is expensive. There are a lot of possibilities with open office access, including free offerings from Google, which will allow you to provide the best software without spending a lot of money. Not only should computers be working well but the speed of the office network also needs to be fast enough to avoid frustration.

Workshops to Learn New Skills

Another way to encourage your staff to learn new things is to give them access to workshops either within the office or in your area. Depending on their skills or their interests, encourage all of them to sign up for the right events and help pay for the expenses. Their experience will enhance the innovation in your company. As a company, when you show that you are investing in your employees, that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Industry Newsletters

Another great source of inspiration are industry newsletters. The options are infinite only limited by your scope and imagination. There have been multiple studies that show how reading can help people continue to create new ideas and innovations. By giving your staff a chance to acquire these publications, you are encouraging their natural curiosity.

Continued Education

Workshops are great, but sometimes your employees need and want more. Are there advanced degrees that would help them? Or maybe a degree completion program for someone who never finished their undergraduate program. Certifications also could help your employees with their career and, by extension, your company.

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