Not all Networks are Healthy Networks

October 19th, 2012

We’ve all had the experience where we’ve met someone who just doesn’t click with us. When you’re networking in the job market you might feel compelled to reach out to any and all possible connections, but what happens of that network is toxic? Or worse yet, what if your networking skills have people walking away without helping you.  Here are ways to see if the network is healthy or something you should just stay away from and ideas to improve your own networking skills.

  1. Keep away from bad vibes. It is easy to let the depression of your job search set in, but this is the number one reason people don’t get hired. If you meet with someone in your networking who is negative about the market, stay away. Don’t let that negativity seep into your attitude. Remain positive at all times. When talking with people about your job search, don’t sound desperate. Sound excited and helpful about opportunities.
  2. Avoid the Internet black hole. There is a big void in the vast expanses of the Internet. It is easy to get information quickly and it is also easy to send information quickly. This means that a lot of the information you send will disappear if it is not properly addressed. Consider doing more face to face networking than Internet marketing if at all possible.
  3. Be honest. All networking comes with a price. People who do you a favor are ultimately looking for you to return that favor sometime in the future. Don’t derail your networking before you even start by being dishonest with your contact about what you need. When you reach out to your network let them know what you are looking for and offer to help them as well.
  4. Make it not all about you. Most importantly, you need to have a service attitude.  Being honest about your intentions is just the first step, now you need to be able to follow up on your contacts and be as helpful as you can. Sent thank you notes when you can and let the individuals know how much they’ve helped you on your search.

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