Turn Your Part-Time Work Into the Career You’re Looking for

April 6th, 2012

Before the economy started picking up and employers began hiring again, many people who found themselves out of a job took on part-time work or freelance projects. For some, this provided a badly needed foundation for a new direction in life, while others simply wanted some money coming in while they searched for their next full-time position.

Either way, if you’re currently freelancing or working part-time, there’s no reason to lose sight of your long-range career goals. With a few tips and a finely honed strategy, you can leverage what you’re doing now into what you want to do in the future:

Keep evaluating where you are.

If you’re juggling multiple freelance projects or putting in long hours at one or more part-time jobs, you can easily lose sight of the kind of job you’d really like to have. It’s not easy to find the time, but experts urge people in these situations to continually re-evaluate their present status and see how that relates to their three- or five-year plan.

Build a portfolio from your part-time work.

It’s not always possible, but you should strive to work on projects or in part-time jobs that significantly add to your resume credits. Such activities may help you gain new, relevant skills or demonstrate to future employers that you’re a serious professional with a wide range of experience – always an attractive prospect for HR recruiters.

Don’t let your job search slip away.

Yes, juggling multiple projects or part-time jobs is very time-consuming. But, experts say, taking on too much can drain the time and energy needed to maintain your search for a full-time job. Looking for your dream job only when you get a chance is not a winning strategy. Always find time to investigate and apply for the types of jobs you want for your career.

Stay up-to-date in your chosen profession.

Whether or not your freelancing or part-time work keeps you connected, you need to keep up to speed with changes in your industry of choice. One way to do this is by joining industry associations and networking with people who might help you later on. It’s also a good idea to get additional training that keeps your skills current and make you even more desirable to recruiters.

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