Austin Ranks No. 1 for Startups

August 14th, 2015

If you’re a job seeker willing to take risks then Austin, Texas might be the perfect place for you. Startups are a great opportunity to get into an organization at the ground floor. Startup veterans have excellent experience that can translate to a variety of careers as they continue to advance. Every employee at a startup wears numerous hats and is responsible for multiple things. If you thrive in those conditions, Austin has that to offer. Austin has recently replaced Silicon Valley as the place for entrepreneurs to set up shop. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Software, Apps, and Tech

It is interesting to note the direct comparisons to California’s Silicon Valley. That community got its name due to the early-stage startups of companies – such as Apple – that eventually became dominating forces on the technology scene. For a variety of reasons, these same types of organizations are also popping up in Austin. For people interested in IT, from programming to management, Austin is a great place to get this kind of experience.

Services for Startups

Austin is very welcoming to startup businesses in the area. They provide a lot of help within the community to make it easier. For this reason, other companies that support startups with goods and services are also seeing a rise in jobs and revenue. No matter what your expertise is, you are likely to find a job that is part of this sector.

Administrative Support

Because startups are often bootstrapped companies that are looking to everyone within the organization to contribute to any level, experienced administrative support candidates are in high demand. If you can handle any aspect of getting and office running and then keeping it efficient, there may be a role for you within a startup company.

Houston Is No. 8

If you’re not in Austin, don’t worry. There are other nearby places that may have a good startup culture as well. While Austin was No. 1 for the entire country, Houston came in at No. 8 for startups. The same benefits apply to Houston, which may be more convenient or a better fit for some job seekers.

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Endorse a Wellness Plan to Get Better Results

July 10th, 2015

The costs of healthcare and employee stress are not unrelated. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff is safe and free from unnecessary tension while on the job. One of the most popular ways that companies are embracing this mindset is to establish wellness plans in the workplace. They don’t have to be overly expensive and often the smallest gesture can go a long way to helping your team get on track with their health. Here are some ideas to start with.

Flu Shot Clinics

While flu season won’t start for a few more months you can plan now by making arrangements to offer flu vaccinations in your office. Contact a local clinic to find out the best way to provide them to your employees. The flu can cause your team to lose days of productivity. It will also spread like wildfire among your staff. If you can’t host a clinic or your insurance doesn’t cover it, offer to reimburse your team for the cost. You also can work with local drug stores who offer free flu shots through insurance plans. Make it easy for your employees and eliminate as many excuses as possible.

Education on Healthy Subjects

Another popular event for some offices is to bring in wellness instructors during lunches or for company-wide meetings. Consider teachers who specialize in healthy eating, yoga, or stress management. While the programs shouldn’t be mandatory, they can be rewarded with incentives (free, healthy lunch) for attending. You will be surprised at how receptive your employees are to learning new things about health and wellness.

Rewards and Incentives

You have probably been encouraged to provide incentives for productivity but have you thought about initiating a reward program for meeting healthy goals? Many companies find it worth their investment to reward healthy behavior in the workplace. Smoking cessation programs and weight loss programs are some examples. It’s not about a competition but about becoming more healthy and feeling better about yourself.

Stress and Mental Health

Many adults are under a lot of stress that can be impacted by their work environment. Stress is also the leading cause of conditions like heart disease and hypertension. Stressed individuals have a hard time sleeping and engage in other unhealthy habits. Don’t leave mental wellness out of the equation when designing your wellness program. Encourage your employees to meet with management to talk about workplace situations that are causing stress.

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What Engages Employees on the Job? | Pasadena Business

March 29th, 2013

Keeping your employees engaged and happy on the job will ensure that your company has an opportunity to stay competitive in today’s market. Employees are spending more time engaged with Facebook in the office than their own job functions and this is costing companies a lot of money in lost production. How do you make the job as engaging as social media? Here are three practical tips for enhancing your employee engagement.

  1. Direct Supervisors. The most important relationship in the office is the employee/boss partnership. If either party doesn’t like or doesn’t trust the other the employees will look for ways to avoid engagement with their jobs.  One common reason that employees and supervisors don’t get along is because of the generation gap in today’s workforce. Generation Y and Baby Boomers are often pitted against each other and their work ethics and communication styles couldn’t be more different. Gen Y is truly looking for mentors to help them advance their career so refocusing your Generation X and Boomer management team in this direction can be a good first step. Talk to everyone about their experience and develop a plan to make improvements.
  2. Effective communication. Many disengaged employees feel that the company is not honest or open enough about their goals or processes. In order for employees to feel like they are part of the team they need to fully understand what is happening with the business. Provide quarterly reports to them and keep them up to date on changes in processes, enhanced procedures, and even the financial situation of the company.
  3. Company values. In today’s globally aware business environment employees like to know that their employers are socially conscious and environmentally sustainable. However you chose to implement this within your own organization be sure to communicate it to your existing team and to potential candidates. If you spend time determining if a candidate is the right fit for your company culture and excited about the business from day one you will find that you aren’t losing money on replacements.

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Social Media Recruitment Myths

January 4th, 2013

Recruiting through social media has been a hot topic in the human resources industry for a few years now. What is it and how can you use it most effectively? There are many ways to approach the concept of social media recruiting and everyone believes that their ideas are the best. However, here are 8 myths about social recruiting.

  1. Candidates aren’t on social media! Of course the candidates are on social media. Almost everyone is on social media to one degree or another. If they aren’t on professional services like LinkedIn they are probably on Facebook to connect to their friends and family. The key is figuring out where they are and how to target them.
  2. I need to join every network! New networks pop up every day. It may feel like you need to access everything, but you don’t. Pick the ones that best fit your business and focus on creating great content for those sites.
  3. No one uses Google+! Google+ appears to be the black sheep of the social media family but people really are using it. It has almost become a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn which is perfect for many recruiting applications.
  4. You can’t recruit on Pinterest! You can recruit anywhere. Pinterest has been the fastest growing social media outlet for the last year and it continues to attract more users. The key with using Pinterest for recruiting is to think creatively. You may not be able to pin traditional job postings, but what about pinning a photo of something awesome from your company instead?
  5. I don’t need a lot of fans! Actually, you do. Fans are what drive traffic to your site. Continuously add content to your page and run campaigns to get your current fans to recommend it to their friends. And remember, just your own friends and family aren’t enough.
  6. Don’t be personal! Many people want to keep their business life and personal life very separate, but readers like to relate to companies on a less material level. Occasionally add a funny story or personal wish to let readers know there is a real person behind these posts and tweets.
  7. Use all the hashtags! You can’t scroll through twitter without seeing thousands of number signs before just about every other word. Hashtags allow twitter to keep track of words that “trend” on the site. Figure out the best hashtags to use and use them responsibly. #Don’t #write #this #sentence.
  8. Social media is free! It might not cost money but social media needs a pretty significant investment of time to provide any sort of benefit. You can’t just create a Facebook page or a twitter account and expect people to read them. You need to provide fresh and interesting contend frequently.

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