Optimizing Your Hiring and Search Process: We can help

May 24th, 2013

Have you considered using temporary staffing for your next hiring need? The benefits of working with a local service can include savings of time and money, but can also augment your hiring process.  Professional recruiters prescreen each candidate and only submit the very best for your review. Consider these four ways a staffing agency can help put their skills to your service.

  1. Assist with establishing goals. Your HR department is often pulled in multiple directions. They need to handle payroll and employee retention as well as a number of other functions. Because our recruiters are dedicated to the hiring process, we can provide this service to your company. A staffing agency can work with you and your hiring managers to determine your needs and help find the best candidates for your open positions.
  2. Prescreening and Testing. Screening products are a significant investment, especially when you only need to make use of them occasionally. A staffing service will have access to these tools as part of their day to day business. Figured into the cost of your next hire will be items such as skills testing, background checking, and drug screening. Talk with your local staffing company to see what screening they can provide.
  3. Managing expectations. The most important part of any hiring process is an effective job description. Our recruiters can work with you to develop a killer description that will attract the best candidates. When a recruiter can provide details about skills, salary, and environment the candidates will have a better picture of your business. Give the staffing agency 20 minutes of your time and they will be able to put together a job description for your next opening.
  4. Fall back plans. Bad hires do happen even to the best recruiters. While the prescreening process will help alleviate some of these headaches, occasionally a situation will occur that is less than perfect. In the event that an employee is not meeting their potential a staffing agency can work with you to find a replacement candidate. Temporary to hire agreements can give you 90 days to assess your new employee and determine if they are the best fit.

Are you thinking about working with a local Pasadena agency? Contact Meador Staffing today to see how we can help you!