4 Tips for Onboarding Employees

September 12th, 2014

Did you know that 22% of new employees leave a new job within 45 days of their first day? 4% cite an unredeemable experience on their very first day as their reason for leaving. Top employees are an investment and the right onboarding experience is essential to ensuring that they are comfortable on the job and can succeed. Here are 4 tips for successfully onboarding new employees.

  1. Introductions. Introduce your new employee to everyone in the office, not just their department. They will be interacting with everyone in the company eventually so make the first meeting a pleasant one. That way they feel comfortable approaching anyone if the need help or if a problem needs fixing. Take them on a tour of the office space first thing and facilitate the introductions.
  2. Relaxation. Day one is often overwhelming. Give them an opportunity to sit down halfway through the day and think about their morning. Maybe you want to take them out to lunch and invite other members of the department. This will allow everyone to talk about the job in a comfortable place but also relax and get to know one another better.
  3. Share company culture. Training your new employee should go beyond policies, procedures, and job duties. Also show them the value system, environment, and how everyone works together and has fun at the same time. This is part of your company culture and is the heart and soul of the organization.
  4. Provide feedback. Waiting until the 90 day review may be too late to provide and receive feedback. Make helpful and gentle corrections if things need improvement. Also be sure to provide positive reinforcement when they are doing a great job. You hired them because they were good at what they do, so give them an opportunity to succeed.

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How to Earn Respect from Your Temporary Employees

July 4th, 2014

When you need to add staff to your business for a short term project – whether it is a seasonal production increase or someone filling in – it is important that you maintain a good working relationship with them. Sometimes temporary employees feel disconnected from the business. Here are a few ways you can earn respect for your temporary employees while they’re on the assignment:

  • Treat them with respect. No one can expect that someone will respect them if they don’t reciprocate. Start off on the right foot by having every tool ready and their workspace set up as soon as the temp arrives on the first day. Treat them like adults and trust them with the work you’ve brought them in to complete.
  • Communicate effectively. Many managers feel that they don’t need to discuss performance with the temporary employee and instead follow up only with the staffing provider. While it is important that your account manager know the status of the work, it is also a good idea to discuss the performance directly with the employee.
  • Praise their good work. Don’t hold back on letting someone know when they’ve done a good job. While this is also great advice for your permanent staff, it can go a long way with someone who already feels disposable. Let them know that you appreciate them and that you’re glad they’re working with you.
  • Ask for feedback. It may be a good idea to hear from them how they are doing on the job or how you are doing as a manager. Ask them questions that force them to respond with real information and not just “yes” or “no.” See what they think of the project and how you can help them.
  • Provide additional benefits. It can be tough for a temp employee to see the permanent staff gets treated to lunches, company picnics, or receive bonuses. If you have any flexibility to include temps in office activities, do it. You may also be able to work with your staffing provider to pay a bonus to the temp if they’ve done particularly well.

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The Cost of a Bad Hire in Austin

May 30th, 2014

Do you know the long term effects of making the wrong hiring decision? Are you prepared to take a risk on someone? The actual cost of a bad hire right here in Austin is greater than just their salary. One bad hiring decision can cost your company money and business and cause irreversible damage to the morale of your current team. Here is a breakdown of what a bad hire can cost your company.

  • Low quality work. A bad hire can affect the quality of your business just by missing steps or cutting corners. These mistakes are often not caught until it is too late to repair any of the damage.
  • Bad attitude. A negative attitude can affect other people in the office right from the start. It can become a burden or cause a dark cloud to hover over your entire team. A bad attitude also affects your customers.
  • Poor attendance. Tardiness for an interview or missing days in the first week or two of work are serious red flags. A pattern of attendance issues will affect the employee’s performance. Other employees will be resentful if you do not take action to solve this problem.
  • Dissatisfied customers. When your new employee begins to affect the satisfaction of your customers the damage may cause long term issues. Even if you correct the issues your client has a new negative impression of your business.
  • Missed deadlines. A missed deadline is the snowball that starts the avalanche. If something isn’t done on time someone else will have to pick up the slack or work may be delayed across the board.
  • Bad teamwork skills. A bad hire may have the biggest impact on your current team. One bad decision can turn otherwise good and productive employees into problems that affect your entire chain of business.

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How to Make Sure Candidates Accept Your Offer

May 16th, 2014

So much advice exists online for job seekers about how and when and why to accept job offers. However there seems to be little information for employers. Business owners and managers want to know that they’ve made the right hiring decision and rejection is just as troubling for them. So how do you make sure a qualified superstar candidate accepts your job? Here are a few tops that can help you.

  • Put your financial information on the table. An intelligent candidate will search for public information about your company before accepting a job offer. They want to know that you’re financially viable or if they may be in danger of being laid off unexpectedly. Be as open as you can about your financial records and the projected growth of your organization. An employee who understands the numbers is in a better position to help the company grow.
  • Manage online branding and social media. A potential employee will search the internet to find out more details about your organization. In today’s hyper-connected world it is extremely important that you manage your online presence. Address negative issues and information online. Write a blog on your website to provide consistent and quality content that will increase your company’s SEO. Spend time interacting with your fans on Facebook in a positive way.
  • Facilitate introductions in the office. Personality matches are one of the most important aspects of the right fit into your company. Introduce your candidates to your team and evaluate the interactions. Look for things in common which could bring them together. It is okay if they aren’t close friends, but they should respect and trust one another.
  • Be transparent about your need. Open communication is valued among job seekers. Don’t try to cover up negative information about the job. Tell why the opportunity is open, good or bad. If a good employee knows your challenges they may be in a better position to improve the role for the company. Your new employee will want to feel they are valued and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Be fair with salary negotiations. This is sometimes the step where job offers fall apart. You should know the budget for this job before you start searching for candidates. Research average salary ranges in your area for these duties. Really listen to what the candidate brings to the table and don’t allow pennies to get in the way of hiring a good employee. An benefits package that includes bonuses, good vacation policies, and other incentives can also provide incentive to take the job.

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4 Ways to Find Qualified Industrial Candidates in Austin

April 11th, 2014

Finding qualified industrial and warehouse employees has always been a challenge. In today’s modern world of Facebook and LinkedIn, employers are learning that these are not the places where hands-on workers can be found. Qualified industrial workers are looking for jobs in your community right now, so how do you find them? Here are four ways to locate those employees and bring them on board in your company.

  • Technical schools. The best place to source new industrial employees is with your local technical school. They like to offer their students and recent grads opportunities to work with local businesses to gain real world work experience. Depending on the skills you need for the job, you may be able to set up an apprenticeship program with the school. Create relationships with the programs that best match your business model and access them whenever necessary.
  • Referral programs. Your current employees are one of your very best resources for candidates. Good people refer good people. Offer a referral bonus to employees when you hire anyone they recommend to the job. You may wish to make this contingent on continued employment such as paying the bonus after 30 days on the job.
  • Community resources. Look into local organizations or publications that have large community participation. Finding the right local candidates is about advertising where they already are. Look at local churches and community centers. Advertise with the online editions of your local newspaper. Face to face networking can also help. Establish your business as an industrial employer of choice in your community by becoming involved in local issues and events.
  • Staffing services. A local staffing company has already tapped into the networks that you are trying to establish. Work with a service to help you find new candidates for your opportunities. They can place individuals on your job in a temporary to hire basis so you can learn how they work and determine if they will be a good long-term fit for the company. A staffing service can provide long-term solutions as well as immediate needs and be there as a resource whenever necessary.

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Austin Ranks Top City for Job Seekers

March 13th, 2014

It is no secret to the rest of the country; Austin Texas is a growing place for jobs and job seekers. According to a recent online study, Austin is number 1 on a list of 10 growing cities for jobs that also includes Washington DC, Denver, Charlotte North Carolina, and Minneapolis. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for Austin’s boom and what attracts both job seekers and businesses to the city.

  • Technology companies and more. Big names such as Dell and IBM have offices in the city and are hiring skilled individuals for their business. The technology industry is booming in Austin and bringing with it jobs for qualified job seekers in the area. Beyond technology there are also jobs available in biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Many high profile national companies have built their headquarters in the area including Whole Foods, 3M, Waste Management, and Progressive Insurance.
  • Business friendly regulations. The very business friendly regulations in Texas are one of the major reasons large US companies are setting up shop there. Not only is the industry fair to large businesses but also to small startups and entrepreneurs. The more people who feel comfortable starting their own organization, the more opportunities for job growth in the area.
  • No state income tax. Another major reason that Texas is such a friendly state to new job seekers is the lack of a state income tax. This allows for employees to keep a significant portion of their paycheck. However, keep in mind that the lack of state income tax does mean that other taxes, such as property and sales, are higher than average.
  • Highly educated job market. One of the major reasons industries cite for locating their businesses in Texas is because of the highly educated job market. Especially in Austin, the high level universities are offering businesses a skilled pool of educated workers to take their open jobs. Austin alone is home to several big name colleges including the University of Texas, Concordia, and the Texas Heath and Sciences University.

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How to Locate Top Talent

October 25th, 2013

In today’s recovering economy many companies find themselves struggling to hire top talent. A combination of a competitive job market as well as a phenomenon known as the skills gap are making it difficult to attract candidates. However, the right professionals are out there but it is up to each company to learn new sourcing and hiring techniques to find them. Here are a few ideas that you can use for hiring top talent for your business.

  1. Market your company brand. An important tool in any company’s recruiting arsenal today is strong brand content online. Do you have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn company profile? It is important to have these things available so when a potential employee is researching your company they find positive information that will encourage them to apply to your open jobs.
  2. Have flexible requirements. There was a time when companies were willing to train talented individuals on the job. After the recession began in 2007 more and more companies began to recruit under very specific requirements. This has led to what is now known as the skills gap. However, the talent is still out there if you’re willing to be flexible on the experience necessary to perform the job.
  3. Reconsider the salary. Another possible cause of the so-called skills gap is the lack of growth in salaries for many industries. Analysts believe that the reason companies are unable hire talent is because they aren’t willing to pay a fair rate for the position. Research the role and the average salaries in your area before determining what you are willing to offer. Talk to the candidate about their salary expectations and try to come to a good agreement.
  4. Recruit passive candidates. Staffing services have long known that the secret to recruiting the best candidates is to seek out those who don’t know they were looking for a better opportunity. These are referred to as passive candidates. Social media is a great avenue for attracting passive candidates to your company culture and your open jobs.

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Hiring is a Science

August 23rd, 2013

Experts have shown that the hiring process works best when it is formulaic and scientific. All too often managers find themselves making decisions based on emotional criteria such as “I’ll know it when I see it,” or “they reminded me of me.” When an employee fails in their new role the hiring manager is left wondering what happened. Here are some ways you can improve your hiring process by treating it as a scientific method.

  1. What is the hiring process? A typical hiring experience will consist of three phases: source candidates, engage, and hire. Each of these steps requires their own set of tools to use and rules to follow. Sourcing will need access to online job boards and social media while engagement means reaching out to interested applicants and talking with them about their experience and your company.
  2. Pre-employment screening. One tool that it is important to add to the hiring process is pre-employment screening. When you conduct background checks and require drug screening for each candidate considered for the role you are creating a baseline that each potential employee needs to reach before they can be offered a position with your company. Screening products can be expensive so work with a local staffing company who will offer this as part of the cost of their service.
  3. Additional assessments. Beyond drug and background checking are other pre-screening options for you to consider. Once again you can work with your staffing provider to determine which are right for you. You may want to implement behavioral testing along with tests for certain skills. Behavioral tests can give you insight on the candidate’s personality, integrity, cognitive ability, and how they will fit into your current team.
  4. Reference checks. With so many companies instituting a policy of only providing dates of employment it is harder than ever to confirm professional references. However, it is an important step that should not be skipped. You can utilize the recommendations on LinkedIn to get a picture of their previous work. A staffing service can also help you with this process and conduct reference checks on your behalf.

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Your Next Investment: Hiring

June 10th, 2013

It needs to be remembered that hiring should not be an impulse purchase. It happens too many times; a hiring manager will meet with a candidate who sounds perfect. They check all the boxes and answer all the questions right. They may even remind the interviewer of themselves in many ways. A hiring decision is made on the spot and now the real personality comes out. You can discover you made the wrong decision pretty fast. Instead, hiring should be treated like an investment. Managers should comparison shop and spend time making the best decision. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for your next superstar.

  1. Effective Interviewing techniques. Every interview should be effectively the same. If you ask each candidate the same questions you can have a baseline to evaluate each answer. Don’t stick only to a rundown of the resume. Ask them behavioral questions based on their previous experience. For instance, find out how they saved their company money on a large scale project. Or talk to them about their customer service experience and how they handle a negative customer.
  2. Drug testing and background screening. This type of pre-interview screening is a great investment. You want someone who is reliable and responsible to work for your company. Establish guidelines that you’re willing to adhere to before anyone’s results are returned. Test and screen every candidate. A local staffing company will often offer these services as part of their process so you may be able to save both time and money by working with recruiters.
  3. Reference checking. References can be tricky because many companies have a policy of only verifying dates of employment. It is a good idea to try to drill down to discover as much information as possible. The candidate’s former coworkers and managers will be able to provide insight on who they really are as an employee. Once again, this is something your staffing provider can do for each candidate submitted for your open positions.
  4. Investment in training time. Your new employee investment shouldn’t stop once the candidate has been hired. Many employees cite a lack of training and career support as a reason why they fail in their positions. Be conscious of their learning style and work with them to understand and comprehend each aspect of their new position. If you provide excellent training you can be confident in their performance once they are working on their own.

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Improve Yourself as a Leader: Engaged Employees

March 8th, 2013

Everyone today is dealing with an overwhelming amount of information. We have constant access to the internet and much of our business is conducted this way. Streams of information can easily bog down managers and employees alike. Feeling pressure from this kind of information overflow occasionally leads to decreased communication skills. However, a good leader can overcome these challenges and step up to the plate. There are several simple ways improve leadership skills and keep your employees engaged on the job. Here are four tips for keeping employees satisfied and becoming a better manager.

  1. Focus on your employees. The most important, but simple, thing you can do to engage your employees is to recognize their challenges and concerns. Put yourself in their shoes to see the things they have to deal with every day and determine if there are ways to make improvements. Active listening will create a better relationship between you and your team.
  2. Honest is the best policy. Some managers feel that they need to provide delicate answers to their employees’ questions. The truth is most employees want straight and honest answers to their concerns. Being transparent and authentic will win more employee loyalty than trying to be spare feelings around the office. Don’t be unnecessarily cruel, but be honest with your feedback.
  3. Avoid over complicating the issues. Many businesses have industry specific language that they use as a way to keep themselves distant from everyone else. Employees don’t like to be the ones who are kept at a distance. Not only should you keep your messages honest but keep them simple and understandable so you don’t lose your employees attention before you even have it.
  4. Be interesting and they’ll be interested. To engage in any relationship it is a give and take. People gravitate towards others to whom they feel a connection. When you are sharing an important message with your team wrap it in a story or some other inviting language. This will get, and keep, their attention. Your employees will be more likely to listen to your next request or set of instructions if they feel empowered by your message.

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