When are They Searching for Jobs Online? Mobile vs. Desktop

June 21st, 2013

Recruiters and hiring managers hear a lot about mobile recruiting these days but what does it really mean? How are job seekers finding you online? When are they looking for jobs? What are the differences? Let’s look at some of the ins and outs of mobile vs. desktop optimization and how it can affect your job postings.

  • Desktop. This is the interface that most recruiters are familiar with. A larger screen and more functionality from the mouse and keyboard make it easy to engage with the information presented. Online applications, when viewed on a desktop, are easy to navigate and can have multiple fields to input information.
  • Mobile device. So many American’s use smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet that they are quickly taking over the market. In fact, 55% American adults only use their smart phones to access the web. In order to attract candidates to job postings there needs to be a mobile optimized version. It is best if they have limited data fields and an easy to find button that can automatically submit a resume or send you to their LinkedIn page.
  • When to post jobs. Indeed.com suggests that the best day to post a job on your regular site is Mondays. However, more people are viewing jobs from their mobile devices on Tuesdays after working hours. It is interesting to note that many employers are concerned about employees searching for work while at the office, but this is not the case. Once job seekers are at home they may have access to their home computer but they are still using their mobile devices to search for jobs probably while also watching TV, cooking dinner, or helping kids with their homework. A mobile site needs to engage these multi-taskers.
  • Optimize for mobile. It isn’t time to abandon your regular webpage but it is important to ensure that potential employees see your information when they are using their mobile devices. Mobile activity is only going to increase so attract candidates by producing content that will get their attention and keep them on your website through their smart phones.

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Your Next Investment: Hiring

June 10th, 2013

It needs to be remembered that hiring should not be an impulse purchase. It happens too many times; a hiring manager will meet with a candidate who sounds perfect. They check all the boxes and answer all the questions right. They may even remind the interviewer of themselves in many ways. A hiring decision is made on the spot and now the real personality comes out. You can discover you made the wrong decision pretty fast. Instead, hiring should be treated like an investment. Managers should comparison shop and spend time making the best decision. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for your next superstar.

  1. Effective Interviewing techniques. Every interview should be effectively the same. If you ask each candidate the same questions you can have a baseline to evaluate each answer. Don’t stick only to a rundown of the resume. Ask them behavioral questions based on their previous experience. For instance, find out how they saved their company money on a large scale project. Or talk to them about their customer service experience and how they handle a negative customer.
  2. Drug testing and background screening. This type of pre-interview screening is a great investment. You want someone who is reliable and responsible to work for your company. Establish guidelines that you’re willing to adhere to before anyone’s results are returned. Test and screen every candidate. A local staffing company will often offer these services as part of their process so you may be able to save both time and money by working with recruiters.
  3. Reference checking. References can be tricky because many companies have a policy of only verifying dates of employment. It is a good idea to try to drill down to discover as much information as possible. The candidate’s former coworkers and managers will be able to provide insight on who they really are as an employee. Once again, this is something your staffing provider can do for each candidate submitted for your open positions.
  4. Investment in training time. Your new employee investment shouldn’t stop once the candidate has been hired. Many employees cite a lack of training and career support as a reason why they fail in their positions. Be conscious of their learning style and work with them to understand and comprehend each aspect of their new position. If you provide excellent training you can be confident in their performance once they are working on their own.

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Optimizing Your Hiring and Search Process: We can help

May 24th, 2013

Have you considered using temporary staffing for your next hiring need? The benefits of working with a local service can include savings of time and money, but can also augment your hiring process.  Professional recruiters prescreen each candidate and only submit the very best for your review. Consider these four ways a staffing agency can help put their skills to your service.

  1. Assist with establishing goals. Your HR department is often pulled in multiple directions. They need to handle payroll and employee retention as well as a number of other functions. Because our recruiters are dedicated to the hiring process, we can provide this service to your company. A staffing agency can work with you and your hiring managers to determine your needs and help find the best candidates for your open positions.
  2. Prescreening and Testing. Screening products are a significant investment, especially when you only need to make use of them occasionally. A staffing service will have access to these tools as part of their day to day business. Figured into the cost of your next hire will be items such as skills testing, background checking, and drug screening. Talk with your local staffing company to see what screening they can provide.
  3. Managing expectations. The most important part of any hiring process is an effective job description. Our recruiters can work with you to develop a killer description that will attract the best candidates. When a recruiter can provide details about skills, salary, and environment the candidates will have a better picture of your business. Give the staffing agency 20 minutes of your time and they will be able to put together a job description for your next opening.
  4. Fall back plans. Bad hires do happen even to the best recruiters. While the prescreening process will help alleviate some of these headaches, occasionally a situation will occur that is less than perfect. In the event that an employee is not meeting their potential a staffing agency can work with you to find a replacement candidate. Temporary to hire agreements can give you 90 days to assess your new employee and determine if they are the best fit.

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