Interview Preparation: The Importance Of Good Storytelling

February 13th, 2015

They say that telling a good story is the best way to engage an audience. Think about blog posts that really made you laugh or cry or think more about a given subject. Chances are they were stories. You can apply this same concept to your interviews. Instead of providing a list of details about your experience, tell a story about how it helped you or a customer. This method will engage the interviewer and make them see how you could fit into their office. Here are some tips for telling the best stories in an interview.

  • Don’t tell them what to think about it. The point of good storytelling is to evoke a response, whether emotional or intellectual, without telling the listener or reader what they should think about it. Don’t lead the interviewer to the right conclusions. Instead, paint a picture with your words that demonstrate what you know will strike a chord with them.
  • Don’t go on for too long. A story doesn’t need to take forever. You don’t have to start when you were born to make an impact. Tell them about a time when something happened to you on the job that impacted your performance for the better. Keep the story short and to the point, but include aspects that make it engaging.
  • Make it relevant to the job. To this point, you also don’t need to tell a story about a ski trip to Colorado to impress the interviewer. That is, unless you’re applying to be a ski instructor. Always evaluate the appropriateness of the story before you start telling it. Make it relevant to your audience.
  • Inject humor or emotion. Laughter is a universal language and it can help everyone relate to your story better. If you’re funny, be funny. If your story is supposed to be more emotional, don’t be afraid to leave in the parts that hit straight to the heart. Use whatever tools you have to tell the best narrative about your experience and make the interviewer think favorably about you.

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