4 Ways to Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

September 20th, 2013

There is still so much confusion over the legality of using social media to pre-screen candidates for a job. It is important to be cautious about the way you use their personal information. However, this doesn’t mean that their social media profiles are completely off limits in the job hunt. Here are four ways you can use social media to screen candidates.

  • Review their groups and connections. LinkedIn makes it very easy to assess professionals in this way. In fact, it was designed to use used for hiring decisions. When you’re reviewing a LinkedIn profile pay special attention to their job history and recommendations. A red flag may be raised if they don’t have any recommendations from former coworkers or managers. Also look at the types of groups in which they are involved. This can tell you a lot about their interests and their experience. Look at their connections as well to see how they build a network.
  • Review their “About” page. Facebook can be a little more complicated. Much of what you will be able to see will depend on their specific security settings. The best way to access information is to review the “About” page in their profile. You may see their job history or you may simply see a public list of their favorite music. Use caution when reviewing public photos because you may find yourself making a discriminatory decision without meaning to.
  • Review their communications. The Twitter microblogging platform is public so there are no real restrictions for reviewing this information. It is a great place to see how your candidate communicates on line. You can look out for egregious grammar and spelling errors or even inappropriate content. If they are able to create well thought out statements in only 140 characters they may be someone with exceptional communications skills.
  • Review visual media. Like Twitter, both Pinterest and Instagram are public websites so brows your candidate’s pins and photos to see who they really are. This may be a great way to compare their personal interests with that of your team to see if they will get along. For instance, you may find that someone really interested in scrapbooking will get along great with your currently crafty employees.

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Our Little Secret… How to Write Better Job Descriptions

August 9th, 2013

Writing a job description is not usually at the top of the list for Human Resources professionals. Job descriptions are often legal documents that are filed away never to be seen again, however it may be an important addition to your recruiting arsenal. What if we told you that writing a killer job description would help you land talented employees for your jobs? Here are some updated tips.

  1. Don’t over-focus on physical requirements. From a legal standpoint is a good idea to have the physical expectations of the job on paper, however they can be better. Some job descriptions make it sound like supervisors will micromanage every break and every action. Take a hard look at the physical requirements of the job. If an employee will be sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time you may want to talk about the encouragement of breaks. If there will be heavy lifting, include the weight and safety measures you have in place.
  2. Skip the comprehensive list of duties. Some managers do this to counter the argument that something isn’t in their job description. In truth, what you’ve done is created a situation where someone can say exactly that. Instead, focus on the results of this position. Talk about how the role will interact with other people in the company and with your customers. Do this to create a results oriented workplace.
  3. Understand that creativity drives innovation. Experts say that American ingenuity is on the decline. Because we have built such a pervasive culture of corporate micromanagement many of our employees feel stifled on the job and are unwilling to try new things. Suggest that creative problem solving is a key aspect to this job. You should feel confident that your new hires are talented at what they do and able to succeed if they are left to work on their projects.
  4. Can you skip the job description? Employment laws are always changing so it is important to keep up the documentation. Job descriptions can provide the legal basis for many situations that can arise for a corporation.  If you assume that no one is going to read their job description you’ve already indicated that it is not important. Instead, make it an important aspect of the job. If you write job descriptions that are readable and exciting you can open new doors for your own employees.

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Keys to a Candidate Profile: What to Look for on Social Media

July 19th, 2013

So many companies are looking at social media profiles to determine the hireablity of a potential candidate. With this practice still deeply within a legal gray area, it is important to know what is okay to use for hiring criteria and how to apply the information to the process. Here are some ideas of what to look for on a public social media profile before making a hiring decision.

  1. Limit the red flags. Of course one of the reasons for reviewing social media is to look for potential red flags. There may be some things that do not fit within your company culture and values that will eliminate a candidate from the running, but try to leave the candidate’s personal life out of the decision making process. Instead, focus on the things that will make them a good candidate.
  2. See their personality. You may be able to determine from their public profiles whether or not their personality will be a fit with the rest of the members of your team. For example, if your team is very outdoor sports oriented and someone has photos of themselves on hikes and rafting trips, they may get along well with the rest of the department.
  3. Professional information not on their resume. Particularly with LinkedIn you may be able to assess some additional information that was not included on their resume. Are they part of organizations or groups that are part of your industry? Have they won awards or received certifications for their skills? This might provide additional insight on them as a candidate.
  4. Evaluate their communications skills. Are they professional, polite, and friendly in their public posts? Do you see a number of misspellings or grammatical errors? Seeing how someone writes when they are being casual can be a good indicator of how they communicate. Twitter is a good way to assess these skills since the 140 character limit means people have to be creative about their message.
  5. References and recommendations. Professional references can be hit or miss. Many companies have policies of not providing anything other than dates of employment. However, LinkedIn offers a referral platform that most candidates use effectively. Look at the recommendations from former co-workers, employers, or clients to see what they have to say about your potential new employee.

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Change Your Company Culture Now! Hello Success.

June 28th, 2013

Stress can be a major problem for working adults. It is important to manage it at a personal level by eating well, exercising, and taking personal time. However, it is equally as imperative that corporations and small businesses recognize the causes of stress and work toward reducing them within the work place. As a manager, how can you affect your team’s stress levels by making changes to your company culture? Here are several ideas you can implement today.

  1. Work/Life balance. When an employee spends 9 hours a day at the office and sometimes more than an hour a day commuting they have very limited time to spend with their families. Work/Life balance can come in many forms. Allow your employees to take additional time off for family obligations or encourage them to work from home. Create a flexible schedule that can work for your entire team.
  2. Bring your dog to work day. Pets do lower our stress levels and help us relax. Implementing a dog friendly workplace policy could help reduce your team’s stress and make the office more inviting. Establish rules to make the process smooth and safe for each employee and their pups. Maybe even consider a way for your cat-loving employees to take advantage of the policy.
  3. Be a business mentor. Your team, especially those from Generation Y, is looking for business leadership. Share your knowledge with your employees by providing mentoring so they understand that working for you isn’t just a job but a career development experience.
  4. Office meditation. It has been proven that sitting quietly and slowing your breath can calm your stress levels. Offer a meditation space in your office where team member can sit, relax, and let the stress of the day melt away before returning to their desks. Yoga classes can also provide this form of relaxation in combination with some healthy exercise.
  5. Recognition. Your employees also want to know that their contribution to the company is valued. Being recognized and rewarded for a job well done will reduce stress levels and boost confidence to encourage the employee to continue to succeed.

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Impactful Improvements to the Workplace for Your Texas Business

April 26th, 2013

Are you looking for ways to increase your employee engagement without breaking the bank? Luckily there are several budget friendly ideas that can help reinvigorate your team and build better morale.  Here are four ideas that are simple and cost effective that can help transform your office to an engaging place to work.

  1. Work from Home. While many smaller organizations are reticent to allow their employees to work remotely many Fortune 500 companies have been doing it successfully for years. So far it has not been found to decrease performance or effectiveness. Try it on a temporary basis and see how it works for your employees. Rotate a schedule so everyone has an opportunity to work from home and yet your office will still have coverage. If the workflow does not suffer consider offering more work from home opportunities as a reward for work well done.
  2. Invest in social enterprise. Social media has become a concern for many businesses. Management often needs to find a way to curb the overuse of Facebook on company time. One solution is to use social enterprise software to create a connection within the office and collaboration between various departments. One of the most common options is SalesForce.
  3. Recruit through social media. Social media does have its place in businesses and corporations. More and more potential candidates are seeking jobs through social networking outlets so it is a good idea search in these places. Since most social media is free and accessible this can allow for your human resources department to spend less time on recruiting new and replacement employees and more time on retention programs for your current staff.
  4. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Stress and poor choices can cause a number of problems for individuals in the workplace. Do what you can to encourage wellness in your office. Remove the snack and soda machines and provide fruit and water instead. Encourage your employees to use their break time away from the office to decompress and come back refreshed. You may even bring speakers in to discuss healthier lifestyle choices.

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