Austin Ranks No. 1 for Startups

August 14th, 2015

If you’re a job seeker willing to take risks then Austin, Texas might be the perfect place for you. Startups are a great opportunity to get into an organization at the ground floor. Startup veterans have excellent experience that can translate to a variety of careers as they continue to advance. Every employee at a startup wears numerous hats and is responsible for multiple things. If you thrive in those conditions, Austin has that to offer. Austin has recently replaced Silicon Valley as the place for entrepreneurs to set up shop. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Software, Apps, and Tech

It is interesting to note the direct comparisons to California’s Silicon Valley. That community got its name due to the early-stage startups of companies – such as Apple – that eventually became dominating forces on the technology scene. For a variety of reasons, these same types of organizations are also popping up in Austin. For people interested in IT, from programming to management, Austin is a great place to get this kind of experience.

Services for Startups

Austin is very welcoming to startup businesses in the area. They provide a lot of help within the community to make it easier. For this reason, other companies that support startups with goods and services are also seeing a rise in jobs and revenue. No matter what your expertise is, you are likely to find a job that is part of this sector.

Administrative Support

Because startups are often bootstrapped companies that are looking to everyone within the organization to contribute to any level, experienced administrative support candidates are in high demand. If you can handle any aspect of getting and office running and then keeping it efficient, there may be a role for you within a startup company.

Houston Is No. 8

If you’re not in Austin, don’t worry. There are other nearby places that may have a good startup culture as well. While Austin was No. 1 for the entire country, Houston came in at No. 8 for startups. The same benefits apply to Houston, which may be more convenient or a better fit for some job seekers.

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