The Cost of a Bad Hire in Austin

May 30th, 2014

Do you know the long term effects of making the wrong hiring decision? Are you prepared to take a risk on someone? The actual cost of a bad hire right here in Austin is greater than just their salary. One bad hiring decision can cost your company money and business and cause irreversible damage to the morale of your current team. Here is a breakdown of what a bad hire can cost your company.

  • Low quality work. A bad hire can affect the quality of your business just by missing steps or cutting corners. These mistakes are often not caught until it is too late to repair any of the damage.
  • Bad attitude. A negative attitude can affect other people in the office right from the start. It can become a burden or cause a dark cloud to hover over your entire team. A bad attitude also affects your customers.
  • Poor attendance. Tardiness for an interview or missing days in the first week or two of work are serious red flags. A pattern of attendance issues will affect the employee’s performance. Other employees will be resentful if you do not take action to solve this problem.
  • Dissatisfied customers. When your new employee begins to affect the satisfaction of your customers the damage may cause long term issues. Even if you correct the issues your client has a new negative impression of your business.
  • Missed deadlines. A missed deadline is the snowball that starts the avalanche. If something isn’t done on time someone else will have to pick up the slack or work may be delayed across the board.
  • Bad teamwork skills. A bad hire may have the biggest impact on your current team. One bad decision can turn otherwise good and productive employees into problems that affect your entire chain of business.

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Preparation for a Skills Test: Skill Set Exam Study Guide

April 18th, 2014

Temporary jobs in Pasadena, TX are growing, and if you are able to pass an employer’s skills test you will have a better opportunity to be considered for employment. Before you will be considered for employment by a temporary staffing service you will be required to take skills test based on your previous experience or the requirements of their client. How do you prepare for these types of exams when what they are testing is your ability to perform certain functions on the job? Here are a few things you can brush up on before you take the test and ensure you have the necessary scores for job placement.

  • Reading comprehension. Most skills tests will have a section designed to gauge your reading comprehension and other basic language skills. Practice by reading news stories and recalling important information to a friend or family member. Test yourself by going back and seeing what details you got right or wrong. You may also want to brush up on spelling and grammar.
  • Math and numbers. Some positions require specific skills when it comes to mathematics. You may need to brush up on measurements, basic calculations, or even story problems. There are a number of math tutorials on-line that can take you through problems step by step. You may also need to review information like recalling a series of numbers or transcribing numbers properly.
  • Data entry and typing. Administrative roles often depend on the entry of data into a system. Data entry can be numeric, which only uses the numbers keypad on the computer, or alpha numeric with a combination of letters and numbers. The tests gauge how quickly and accurately you are able to enter information. Typing is similar but uses only the QWERTY keyboard on a computer. The accuracy of typing and data entry is just as important at the speed.
  • Computer skills. Tests involving computer skills can take a number of forms. Depending on your experience you may be tested in basic Microsoft Office or more detailed offerings such as Adobe, Great Plains, or even Linux. Most staffing services will be able to choose the version of these computer programs to match your experience. However, it is important to recognize that if your experience on a computer program is too far out of date you may wish to obtain a newer version of the software and learn the changes before testing.

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Why You are Losing Candidates: Give Timely Feedback to Retain Top Candiates

April 4th, 2014

Have you been struggling through the application and interviewing process to add a new member to your team? Many factors can contribute to not finding top candidates but sometimes they stem from the hiring process itself. Before you blame the talent pool or other outside factors, look at your current hiring processes. Can you do anything to improve your success rate? Here are a few reasons you may be missing out on top candidates and minor fixes to solve the problem.

  • This is taking too long! Candidates often complain about the length of time it takes for a company to schedule interviews or make a decision. They are also easily frustrated by a lack of communication during every step of the process. Sometimes good candidates are put in a holding pattern so companies can continue interviewing to find the elusive “perfect” fit. People who don’t hear back aren’t likely to stick around. They may accept another position or dismiss a company that finally gets back to them a month or more later. Focus on communication. Let candidates know if they are not choses and keep top candidates up to date on where you are in the process.
  • The interview is all over the place! Bad interviewing techniques can also drive away star candidates. Unrelated questions or the classic “if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” can be a major turn off for potential employees. On the flip side, making a decision based on a gut instinct in an interview can have disastrous results. Don’t set up impossible hoops for candidates to jump through. Establish an interviewing procedure and ask each candidate the same questions so you can compare apples to apples. Have another team member interview as well and discuss your thoughts together.
  • Why would I want to work there? Company culture is becoming a make it or break it issue when candidates are choosing their next employer. You might have a great company but aren’t selling it right. You might be missing some amenities that other organizations are providing as a matter of course. Look at your policies and see what you can use to entice stellar candidates to your door. Do you have a good work/life balance? Do you have flexible hours? What personalities already work in your company? What benefits do you offer above and beyond medical coverage and vacation days?

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What are the Benefits of Using a Austin Staffing Firm?

March 21st, 2014

If your business is looking for talent to fill an existing role or take on something new, have you considered working with a local staffing company? Hiring is a time consuming and expensive process and the wrong decision could lead to bigger problems. The benefits of working with a staffing company can be great for your business. Here are a few of the benefits for working with a local staffing firm.

  • Local pool of skilled candidates. A staffing service is in the very business of sourcing and pre-screening candidates for potential jobs. They have access to hundreds of local job seekers who have a variety of experience. When you contact the agency to discuss your needs they may already know a few candidates they feel would fit your corporate environment and the skill set you are looking for.
  • Access to network. Beyond a pool of existing job seekers, staffing services also build networks with other companies and industries in your area. This gives them the opportunity to find passive job seekers or individuals who might not be actively looking for a job but would change for the right opportunity. You can benefit from the recruiter’s existing network.
  • Understanding of your business. When you initiate a relationship with a staffing company one of their first actions will be visiting your business to find out more about what you do and the types of people already working in your company. This will give them a perspective to help source candidates they feel would be a good long term fit within your organization. You can also work with a company who specializes in your specific industry.
  • Support for the hiring process. The recruiter’s role doesn’t end when an individual has been placed on an assignment. Work with your local staffing company to create temporary to hire opportunities that give you a chance to see a candidate in action before making a final hiring decision. The staffing company can give you direction on salary negotiations or management styles.

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