Turn Your Employees into Rock Stars

August 31st, 2012

We’ve all heard the term “the power of positive thinking.” Imagine applying the same thought process to your management style. You can encourage your employees to be the best they can be simply by telling them they are the best at what they do. Reinforcing positive behavior from your employees helps to discourage negative situations. Here are several tips to turn your team into rock stars.

  1. Set positive expectations. When dealing with your team don’t rely on negative reinforcement to get the job done to your satisfaction. When you expect mediocre results you will get mediocre results. Provide details for what you would like the project to be in the end and guidelines to get the team there, but then allow your team freedom to be successful. Encourage them along the way and assess milestones.
  2. Leave out the “But.” Sometimes managers believe that the way to break the bad news is to start with something positive but add a “but” to the sentence. Try leaving it out altogether. Describe the job or the project in the most positive ways and don’t give them a negative aspect to focus on at all. You’ll be surprised by the results. Employees often assume the project is expected to fail or that management has no faith in their abilities once the “but” is added to the sentence.
  3. Easy vs. Complex. Similarly, try to describe job duties or project requirements in the easiest terms. Don’t tell an applicant that the job they are doing is incredibly complex and difficult. Instead, try to encourage them by explaining that the job will be easy for someone of their background and expertise. Studies have shown this type of encouragement increases performance.
  4. Give an ego boost. This may sound silly, but boosting an individual’s ego will help their performance. You can do this any number of ways but try to tell your employees they are wonderful at what they do and that they are a key part of the team even at a time when their performance isn’t critical.

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