Time and Dollars Saved Using a Staffing Agency

Among the many benefits a staffing agency can bring to your candidate search is a significant savings in both time and money. This hiring option frees you to focus on what’s truly important—the successful operation of your business and a focus on the strategy needed to make it grow.

Start with time saved.

As any HR recruiter knows, the hiring process involves many moving parts, including (but not limited to) receiving, processing and reviewing resumes; scheduling  and conducting interviews; and negotiating terms of salary and benefits. Each of these steps requires a significant time investment.

With a staffing agency, you don’t risk investing time in the entire laborious process, only to find the person wasn’t really qualified in the first place.

Experienced technical recruiters in a first-class staffing agency know how to sift through reams of resumes to find and select the best candidates. Staffing agencies follow precise screening procedures for both direct hires and temporary personnel, seeking not only a person with the skills and experience you’re looking for, but the right personality to succeed in your workplace.

The result? You see only qualified candidates for the open position, without the time-consuming labor involved in getting there.

Save money with direct hires or temporary staff.

For many small businesses, bringing on temporary staff helps control costs and reduce employment risk. Since temporary personnel work for the staffing  agency–not the business itself–overhead costs like overtime, benefits and unemployment claims aren’t your concern. These individuals can be used as needed, without having to commit to a 40-hour work week.

A high-quality staffing agency handles the employment process for both direct hires and temporary personnel. This includes the costs related to pre-employment  testing, background investigations and drug screenings. Expenses related to payroll processing and benefits administration are reduced as well.

At Meador Staffing, we deliver flexible and customized staffing solutions for employers across Texas and beyond. Our solutions help employers cut costs, improve workforce flexibility, and find top candidates for their unique needs.  When you partner with Meador, we take care of all the work for you.

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