Match Your Resume and Cover Letter to the Job You Want

In the world of resumes and cover letters, one size definitely does not fit all. It’s a common error. Many job-seekers submit the same resume for every open position they find, no matter what the business or job title. But these days companies employ tracking systems that mine data from resumes by searching for relevant phrases or keywords. If your… Read More »

Make the Hiring Process Easier On Your Business

It’s no secret – most businesses regard the hiring process as costly, time-consuming and frequently unproductive. In many cases, certain mistakes get made time and again, leading to inadequate new hires and even more time and money wasted by having to start all over again. The good news is, changing a few standard practices can… Read More »

Job Advice for the New Grad

If you’re a recent college graduate, you don’t need anyone telling you it’s a tough job market out there. Positions are limited, many companies aren’t hiring as much as they used, others are being far more selective than they were in the past. That’s the bad news. The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to… Read More »

Your Social Media Presence Can Attract The Ideal Candidate

As social media continues its path toward world domination, it’s becoming a leading recruitment tool for forward-thinking companies. How do candidates leverage social media sites in their job-seeking efforts?  How can you make your business more appealing to them? Let’s start with the basics: Create an employer page on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. (There are many… Read More »