12 Laws That Can Affect Your Business in 2012

A host of regulatory changes are coming in 2012, according to Paychex, a leading provider of payroll, human resources and employee benefit services. Some changes are more likely than others to go into effect this year, but every small business should be aware of the potential consequences should they be enacted into law. Here are… Read More »

7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Career in 2012

OK, New Year’s Eve has come and gone, but we’re still early enough into 2012 that you can add a few resolutions to your list, especially when it comes to jump-starting your career. Start by visualizing today as the last day of the year – you look back with pride over the past 12 months, seeing… Read More »

Just Say “No” To Job-Hoppers!

Every business knows the type – employees who accept an open position but who aren’t truly committed to staying on. They see the job opening at your business as a place to settle “for the time being, but are always on the look-out for “something better,” which of course does nothing you and your company. So how… Read More »

Be Your Company’s MVP (Most Valued Performer)

Businesses have always sought valued employees, these days more than ever. When a company’s resources are scarce and the number of jobs is limited, there’s a lot of pressure on employers to make sure they have true MVPs (Most Valued Performers) on staff. These are the individuals they rely on. Savvy business owners know that growth doesn’t happen with… Read More »