Just Say “No” To Job-Hoppers!

Every business knows the type – employees who accept an open position but who aren’t truly committed to staying on. They see the job opening at your business as a place to settle “for the time being, but are always on the look-out for “something better,” which of course does nothing you and your company. So how do you spot these individuals and know when to just say “no”?

One immediate warning sign can be found on the job-applicant’s resume.  If he or she has just turned 30 years old and they’ve had more than five or six jobs as an adult, chances are they’re prone to job-hopping. When you’re young or just out of college, quitting one or two jobs early is not unusual. Two or three times that number in just a few years indicates a pattern of being either unwilling or unable to stick around.

A few tips to include during the interview process can help filter out possible job-hoppers:

What are your future goals? While every applicant will likely have a set answer to this question, it’s a good starting point for learning about his or her long-range goals. Dig a little deeper.  Find out why they’re interested in working for you. Ask what they hope to achieve one, three and five years down the line. Their answers – particularly if you press a little – will help indicate whether or not they’re a potential good fit (and whether they in fact have any genuine intention of staying with your company).

Get multiple letters of recommendation. What a job applicant’s references say in their letters of recommendations can often help weed out job-hoppers. If these letters aren’t consistent with what the candidate is telling you himself, there could be a problem.

Talk about the future with your business. Are you hiring someone with the expectation that the right person can move up in your company? Is there a future for a talented, ambitious employee?  Let the applicant know there’s a lot to learn by working in your company and that training opportunities abound. This can help fuel dedication and interest in the current opening.

Job candidates who accept what they see as a “dead-end” position aren’t likely to want to stick around for very long. It’s up to you to make very clear that you value hard workers who are ready and willing to make a solid commitment. When there’s a clear possibility for long-term growth and advancement, hopping to an uncertain future elsewhere is far less appealing.

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