11 Free Mobile Apps to Help Your Job Search

In a world of millions of mobile and tablet apps, it’s good to know there are options for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other devices to make your job search easier. Here’s a listing of several mobile apps that you can download for free.

Mobile Monster. Created by Monster.com, this app lets you search jobs, manage resumes and fill out job applications. This app is available in more than 20 languages and offers valuable information on the newest job postings.

iPQ Career Planner. This useful app enables you to take an assessment to determine what jobs you’re suited for. It reviews your skills and offers recommendations for related jobs – a great tool for new college grads. iPQ’s site also offers resources and questionnaires to help in your long-term career planning.

LinkedIn Mobile. Just like the popular networking site, you can create a profile on this mobile version and connect with more than 135 million professionals around the world. Get updates from contacts and send resumes to job postings as well.

LunchMeet. This app connects through your LinkedIn account so you can find people you want to network with in your area – a great way to expand your existing network or start up a new one.

ResumeBear. You can send and track your resume with this free mobile app. You also receive a text or email alert as soon as your resume’s been reviewed.

Social media apps. There’s several to choose from, including TweetMyJobs, which integrates Twitter and Facebook so users can leverage their social network connections for personal introductions to potential employers. The social media dashboards TweetDeck and Hootsuite also offer free smartphone apps.

Wait! There’s more:

Evernote. This useful app allows you to keep track of receipts, bookmarks, voice memos and more while you’re on the run.

LinkUp. The unique aspect of this mobile job search app is that it searches jobs only found on company websites (and gets updated frequently).

Bump. As the name suggests, a smartphone equipped with this app shares information when you gently bump other phones with the same software. It instantly exchanges names, addresses and phone numbers.

Many of these ingenious apps are available for downloading on iTunes. A brief online search will help you learn more.

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