Is Your Website Doing All It Can to Attract Job Seekers?

Are you getting the desired response from job candidates who visit your company website? If not, a few design and content tips should increase traffic and draw more qualified applicants to your business.

First off, here’s what not to do:

  • A website that proclaims “We’re hiring! Contact us” is unlikely to generate much of an enthusiastic response. The message is too vague and uninformative. Job seekers want more details up-front, the kind of details that accurately reflects your specific hiring needs. They have to see a potential pay-off for their efforts or why bother?
  • Don’t bury job listings beneath a lot of other irrelevant information or imagery. Making people have to search for an open position almost guarantees they’ll stop looking before they find it.

On a more positive note: Your website offers a great opportunity to generate some excitement for your business. Offer content about the workplace that’s both enticing and enthusiastic. Sprinkle in upbeat images, like groups of people having fun on the job or (if they’re scenic) views of the office and surrounding area.

Navigation is critically important. Add a prominently featured jobs link on your homepage for starters. Include a jobs link as a tab in your “About Us” section, with wording like “Work for Us” or “Your Future is Here.” Once the applicant clicks on the link, they should find some or all of the following:

  • A description of the company culture (emphasizing the value you place on your employees)
  • Detailed information about the job opening (including skills required, experience desired and even pay range)
  • A way for candidates to apply (specific email address or place to submit resumes)

It’s also a good idea to include links and hiring news in your other communications, since you never know where individuals will start looking into your business. The company blog is a great place to talk about the type of people you’re looking for and the benefits of employment. Why not tweet a link to your “Careers” page while you’re at it? Share the link on your Facebook page as well.

Remember, your website will never have the same positive impact on everyone who comes to visit. Instead, focus on what you believe is most appealing to the type of candidate you hope to attract. Make it easy for people to learn more and to apply. And keep fine-tuning. You want a hiring section that looks fresh and interesting every time an applicant clicks on it.

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