Limited Resources for Campus Recruiting? Think Outside the Box

When it comes to recruiting soon-to-be college graduates, many small and medium-sized businesses simply can’t compete with the resources of a Fortune 500 company. These smaller companies may not be able to afford a presence at a high-profile college fair, so they either make a modest attempt or avoid the big leagues altogether. But this doesn’t… Read More »

Looking for a Job? Market Yourself!

You can look for a job by reading “help wanted” ads online or in the newspaper. Or you can take a more pro-active role by marketing yourself through your current contacts and others who can help you land that dream job. Spread the word How many “warm contacts” do you have – people you already have a relationship with?… Read More »

Use Your Social Media Pages to Recruit the Candidates You Want

What’s the point in building social media pages on your company’s website but not tailoring them to what job candidates are looking for? Sadly, that’s what many businesses are currently doing. And they’re missing out on a valuable pool of job-seekers who rely on social media to get the information they want about a would-be employer. Recent… Read More »