Offer Candidates What Your Employees Already Have

As the job market slowly but steadily improves, seasoned job-seekers are becoming more selective about open positions and the companies looking to fill them. Every employer should have a clear understanding of what candidates are looking for – what truly motivates them to move beyond reading the job post to clicking “Apply now.” One effective strategy… Read More »

Avoid These Common Interview Blunders

Job interviews are your opportunity to make a good impression. All too often, however, job candidates make some common mistakes that either generate a negative impression or at least fail to convey their best qualities. Here are ways to avoid the most common interview “traps.” You’re not there to be interrogated Employers don’t invite you… Read More »

Don’t Take Your Job Postings for Granted

It’s easy to copy your hiring manager’s bare-bones job description and paste it online in a one-size-fits-all job posting. The problem is, you’ll save time and effort up-front and may not have much to show for it in terms of results. Unique culture Your company’s unique culture should be reflected in each job posting. There’s… Read More »

Turn Your Part-Time Work Into the Career You’re Looking for

Before the economy started picking up and employers began hiring again, many people who found themselves out of a job took on part-time work or freelance projects. For some, this provided a badly needed foundation for a new direction in life, while others simply wanted some money coming in while they searched for their next full-time… Read More »