Help Older Workers Close the Technology Gap

Employees don’t all master new technology at the same pace. In fact, managers may see a striking gap between the ability of younger, Millennial workers and their Baby Boomer counterparts when it comes to using ever-changing technology in the workplace. Rather than let the gap widen – inadvertently frustrating younger workers and making them impatient with their… Read More »

What To Do If You Don’t Have Job Experience

Most, if not all job listings include among their requirements “must have experience in industry.” For recent college grads or others just dipping their toe in the job market, this one phrase seemingly knocks them out of the running before they even start. But not so fast – there are ways around this. Look for volunteer… Read More »

Never Let Your List of References Get Out-of-Date

Does this scenario sound familiar? It’s been several months since you left your last position. You’ve been working hard to find the next great job opening and it’s starting to pay off. You apply for your dream position and get a call to meet the hiring manager. The interview goes smoothly, the potential employer expresses interest in you and… Read More »