Try an Informational Interview for Future Job Leads

If your job search has slowed and no interviews are on the horizon, think about setting up an informational interview to broaden your network and expand the possibilities for future career opportunities. An informational interview is the opportunity to talk to someone in your chosen field, with valuable knowledge about the businesses you’re interested in and about… Read More »

Warning Signs of a Bad Hire

Warning Signs of a Bad Hire It happens to all employers at one time or another. A candidate with an outstanding resume aces the interview for an open position and gets offered the job. Everyone is thrilled to have the new employee on board and the future’s never looked better. Slowly – or right away… Read More »

Looking for a Job? Write a Blog

There’s a good reason you see so many blogs when you browse the web. Increasingly, this is a way for people to share knowledge, brand themselves as “thought leaders” and—of particular interest to job-seekers—find and get a job. If you have a special interest in a topic that relates to the kind of job you’re… Read More »

Look for Talent, But Not at the Cost of Your Business

An influential book published in 2000 called The War for Talent set forth a bold theory. Businesses that emerged triumphant in the marketplace did so by being the best at finding, assessing, recruiting and keeping the most talented people out there. The idea caught on and for years, many organizations have expended a major amount… Read More »