Don’t Get Lost in a Busy Workplace

When starting a new job you want to make a great impression on your boss and team. You’ll strive to be the “go to” employee. Here are several tips to making sure you stand out from the crowd in an environment that can become easily distracted.

  1. Establish face time. Don’t settle for conference calls. When you need to speak with someone consider setting up a face to face meeting. People do remember faces so establish yours as the one they think of first when they need something handled.
  2. Put down your smartphone. When you start attending large corporate meetings it is not unusual to see everyone at the table with their smart phones in hand. Some people think this makes them look valuable – that they are so busy they can’t put down their phone even for a meeting. The opposite is actually true. People are avoiding the meeting even if attendance is required. Stand out by paying attention and even referring back to information regularly.
  3. Be interesting. You should be able to share something new that you’ve learned, or tried, or accomplished every week. People remember individuals who are willing to speak up and share their personal stories.
  4. It is all about them. Always be prepared to answer the question “what can you do for me?” Anticipate question before it is literally asked. Be ready to contribute and make your manager’s life and job easier.
  5. Be vocal. This doesn’t mean you shout to be heard above the din. Rather, you should avoid the lazy  trap of email and make sure your managers know the sound of your voice. Tone is much easier to understand when you’re speaking than when you’re typing. You will escape some of the common pitfalls of electronic communication.
  6. Stick to the point. Avoid having to clarify what you mean on a regular basis. If people have to ask your intentions or purpose it is possible you have not communicated your point clearly enough. Learn to do this and you will stand out.
  7. Be complimentary. Don’t just be a yes-person but do offer words of encouragement and praise when they are deserved. Individuals at every level respond better to positive reinforcement every time.

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