10 Things Every Business Should Know About Healthcare Reform:

10 Things Every Business Should Know About Healthcare Reform:   (1) Tax Credits for Small Employers Employers with fewer than 25 employees and average annual wages of less than $50,000 may claim a tax credit for the cost of providing insurance which began with 2011 tax returns. (2) Dependent Coverage Health plans that cover dependents… Read More »

Job Searching While Employed – Stay Under the Radar

We all know sometimes it is necessary to keep a job even if the situation is not ideal. At the same time, looking for a job while working can put you at risk of violating company policy and being fired if your employer finds out. There are best practices when it comes to searching for… Read More »

Interviewing Entry Level Candidates

Interviewing entry level candidates requires completely different assessments than interviewing experienced employees. Someone just out of college or who has never worked in your industry before will not be able to reference certain information. Here are several ways you can get the most out of an entry level interview. Provide Prompts. It is quite possible… Read More »

Use that Alumni Network

Looking for a job after graduation can seem difficult. Many recent graduates are experiencing issues with the current job market and they are the highest group of unemployed or underemployed individuals in the economy today. There are some things you can do to help improve your chances; such as reaching out to your University or… Read More »