Don’t Scare Them Away: An Easier Hiring Process will Attract Better Candidates

You’re looking for a new employee but you don’t know where to begin? The first step should be to audit your current hiring process and evaluate if there are any changes or streamlining that can be done. The easier it is to interview with your company the more confident candidates will feel and you’ll be better able to gauge their abilities. Make your process easy to navigate and you will see returns. Here are 6 simple steps to improving your hiring procedures.

  1. Establish the difference between applicant and candidate. Many individuals become frustrated with the application process. They feel like they have spent so much time filling out application paperwork or sending resumes to an online “black hole” only to never hear back. Make sure that people understand that the application is the first step in the process. Let them know that their information will be reviewed and that qualified candidates will be contacted.
  2. Make the job description accurate. It is frustrating for a potential candidate to see a job description online that describes them perfectly but not feel like they were considered for the position. Part of the onus on this is certainly on the applicant – if they feel they are a fit for the position they should customize their resume to reflect it. However, if you are specific about the skills you are seeking in the job description you will receive more qualified candidates from the start.
  3. Communication between hiring managers and recruiters. There is a saying “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.” Many candidates feel like they get caught in the middle between members of the hiring team who seem unable to provide consistent answers to questions. Make sure that the managers communicate with the recruiters about what they need before the first candidate is ever brought in.  If everyone on the same page the experience will be much more pleasant.
  4. Create an order to the process. Make sure the steps of the interview and hiring process are in a realistic order. It does little good to have a requirement for college GPA but not check the records until after the candidate has been through four interviews and you’re ready to make an offer. Establish the flow of the procedures before you even begin to look at resumes.
  5. Use Skype or Google+ Hangouts. When you’re interviewing candidates who live elsewhere, you should utilize technologies that make communication easier. By using free online video conferencing services you can create a comfortable experience that will not only make the candidate feel like you’re serious about meeting with them but can also can give you the opportunity to assess their body language and communication skills.
  6. Stop looking for perfection. Many hiring managers will have a vision in their mind about what the perfect candidate looks like. They want very specific skills and experience. While you don’t need to compromise on everything it is best to eliminate the need for perfection up front. Many really good candidates are disqualified because of something relatively small and trainable. If a candidate checks most of your boxes and you feel as though they will get along personally with the team, you may want to take the leap.

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