Going After Your Dream Job

Doubt is a power demotivator. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. However, sometimes you have to push it aside to be able to achieve great things. If you have ever experienced doubt when it comes to job applications, sometimes even keeping you from clicking the “apply now” button, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • What makes you feel inadequate? What is making you feel like you shouldn’t apply for this job? What parts of the job posting don’t you feel you can do well? What things are intimidating for you? Often people will look over a job posting and if they only feel confident about 4 of the 5 job duties listed, they won’t apply at all. Often companies are willing to work with the right candidate if their skills are most of the way there. More importantly, they want to make sure you’re a better personal fit with their team than a wiz at all the functions.
  • Talk to a professional. Once you know what it is that is keeping you from applying to your dream jobs, talk with a career coach about how to improve that part of yourself. Talk to experts in the field to expand your knowledge in that subject. The more you feel comfortable with your experience gaps the more assured you will feel about the skills you do possess.
  • Track all of your accomplishments. You may not include all of them on your resume, but you will feel more confident if you know what you have successfully accomplished in your career. Every time you have a great idea or you receive praise from your boss, write it down in a journal. You can also refer to some of these as examples during an interview process. When someone asks you to tell them about a time when you solved a problem, you will remember what it was you did.
  • Ask questions about the environment. Sometimes we worry about whether or not we would be a good fit in the role but that isn’t necessarily what the hiring manager wants to know. If you make it to an interview you are pretty close to getting the job so be sure to ask as many questions as you can. Ask about available training. Ask about the manager and how they mentor their employees. Ask about the team and how they work together. These are considered smart questions by companies and will paint you in a positive light in the interview.

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