Find Employees for the Job No One Wants

Regardless of the state of the job market there are always jobs that people really don’t want to do. Most of these less than glamorous jobs also pay less than glamorous wages. What do you do if you’re faced with hiring someone for just this type of job? Here are the best ways for you to approach hiring someone for the least desirable jobs.

  • Honesty. When your available job is something that not many people want to do there is no point to sugarcoating it. Be as thorough and honest as you can in your online job posts. You certainly risk getting negative comments back on forums like Craigslist but you are also preparing the people for working in your environment when they do answer your ad. You may be creating a situation where most people aren’t going to take your job, but you will be attracting the right ones who will get in touch with you.
  • Show them the benefits. There may not be much of a visible benefit to jobs that might turn most people’s stomachs or may be embarrassing to include on a resume in the future; but there are always benefits you can provide to make it less unappealing. Most business owners go about hiring these positions in all the wrong ways. They don’t think anyone would be interested in the job because it isn’t something they themselves would do. Instead, thing about the people who would do the job and tailor the benefits around them. Offer flexible work schedules, buy lunch for the employees once a week, or make sure they get great health benefits in the process.
  • Be a rock star. Rock star employees don’t just happen, they are made. And they can’t be made if they don’t have the right management structure in place. You need to be the best boss you can even though you think this particular job is less than desirable. When someone does leave a job it is not likely it is because they dislike the work they are doing but they dislike their management team. Be a good boss to your employees and they will remain loyal regardless of the specific nature of their job.

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