Social Media Recruitment Myths

Recruiting through social media has been a hot topic in the human resources industry for a few years now. What is it and how can you use it most effectively? There are many ways to approach the concept of social media recruiting and everyone believes that their ideas are the best. However, here are 8 myths about social recruiting.

  1. Candidates aren’t on social media! Of course the candidates are on social media. Almost everyone is on social media to one degree or another. If they aren’t on professional services like LinkedIn they are probably on Facebook to connect to their friends and family. The key is figuring out where they are and how to target them.
  2. I need to join every network! New networks pop up every day. It may feel like you need to access everything, but you don’t. Pick the ones that best fit your business and focus on creating great content for those sites.
  3. No one uses Google+! Google+ appears to be the black sheep of the social media family but people really are using it. It has almost become a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn which is perfect for many recruiting applications.
  4. You can’t recruit on Pinterest! You can recruit anywhere. Pinterest has been the fastest growing social media outlet for the last year and it continues to attract more users. The key with using Pinterest for recruiting is to think creatively. You may not be able to pin traditional job postings, but what about pinning a photo of something awesome from your company instead?
  5. I don’t need a lot of fans! Actually, you do. Fans are what drive traffic to your site. Continuously add content to your page and run campaigns to get your current fans to recommend it to their friends. And remember, just your own friends and family aren’t enough.
  6. Don’t be personal! Many people want to keep their business life and personal life very separate, but readers like to relate to companies on a less material level. Occasionally add a funny story or personal wish to let readers know there is a real person behind these posts and tweets.
  7. Use all the hashtags! You can’t scroll through twitter without seeing thousands of number signs before just about every other word. Hashtags allow twitter to keep track of words that “trend” on the site. Figure out the best hashtags to use and use them responsibly. #Don’t #write #this #sentence.
  8. Social media is free! It might not cost money but social media needs a pretty significant investment of time to provide any sort of benefit. You can’t just create a Facebook page or a twitter account and expect people to read them. You need to provide fresh and interesting contend frequently.

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