Recruiting: It’s Time to Go Mobile

It is time to reach out to Generation Y, also known as Millennials, for your latest open positions. These young workers are the future of American enterprise so it is important to understand how to connect to them. What makes the newest generation different from GenX or even Baby Boomers? It is the technology they have grown up with that are simply a part of their world view and not fun accessories. This means companies need to embrace mobile recruiting. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to tap into this growing professional network.

  • The Statistics. Many business owners don’t fully understand why mobile applications are that important for GenY. The numbers don’t lie. Recent studies show that 70% of people use tablet devices while watching TV. 47% of commuters use their smart phone in the car, inadvisably. And more and more people are pulling out their smartphones whenever they are waiting; in line or for a friend to arrive. GenY can’t be without the constant stimulation of their smartphones and other devices so why not tap into that by developing a mobile recruiting strategy.
  • Build relationships. Millennials like when they feel they are friends with a company or product. Take, for instance, the extreme popularity of Twitter. Millions of people follow celebrities on the micro-blogging site and they get instant gratification when a celebrity responds to them personally. It makes them feel connected to their favorite stars in a way the public has never had before. Use social media for your brand to develop relationships with loyal customers who may become loyal employees.
  • Quick contact and immediate gratification. Generation Y is a group that has not had to wait for anything. When they do, as we have seen, they do it by keeping busy on their smart phones. They are a generation of instant gratification and that isn’t always such a bad thing. This also tends to mean that they work in a similar way. They look at the most efficient way to get something done and they do it. When you present an opportunity on a mobile application they are not only able to respond immediately but they are looking for an answer back.
  • Video. When a grumpy looking ragdoll cat gets over 5 million views and counting on YouTube it is time to acknowledge the place that video has in our culture. People like video and they like to be able to relate to the information presented. Consider making videos that provide real advice to job seekers such as interviewing skills or how to handle negative situations on the job.

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