Employee Spotlight: Ryan Meador, Corporate Wellness Director

meador_profile_blogWelcome to our newest addition, Ryan Meador. Ryan joined Meador as our Corporate Wellness Director. He’s finishing his BS in Fitness & Human Performance. He has also received his Level 1 CrossFit Certification, and coaches in Deer Park at CrossFit Deer Park. Read his interview here!

Q: First off, welcome to the team! Have you always wanted to work for Meador Staffing?

A: I haven’t always wanted to work for Meador Staffing. I was never interested in having a 9-5 desk job, but when you find a place where you can do what you’re passionate about, then there’s something special there.

Q: How are you personally committed to demonstrating a healthy lifestyle for Meador employees?

A: I try to practice what I preach. I’m not perfect, though. I have moments of weakness just like everyone else when it comes to food. I just want to try & show people that you’re happier when you’re healthy. It makes a significant difference in everyday life.

Q: Which upcoming wellness program are you most excited for?

A: We are still only beginning the analysis process of the programing. I have several ideas up my sleeve that I’m excited for, but I don’t want to share them just yet. I think it’s hilarious that everyone thinks I’m going to be going through what they bring to work to eat. Meador employees have nothing to be afraid of; this is going to be an awesome & entertaining journey for everyone.

Q: What is Meador’s top wellness initiative for 2013? How are you going to help Meador get there?

A: Meador’s top initiative is to get all of our employees feeling the best they’ve ever felt. If we are healthier, we can do greater things because we have the drive, focus & physical capabilities to succeed in the areas where we sometimes fail. By pin-pointing our problem areas, I’m going to try to put together several incentive programs based on the data we’ve gone over that should target these problem areas, all while fine tuning the rest of this already well-oiled machine.

Q: What are some healthy lifestyle tips that fans can incorporate into their everyday work routine?

A: Healthy Tips: Don’t start off the day with a Monster energy drink & a pastry. You’re setting yourself up for weight-gain. Instead, have some sort of protein, a slow-digesting carb (fruit) & some “good”, monounsaturated fats (avocados, almonds, cashews, etc.). This will release a lot less insulin, resulting in those calories being used for energy & not being stored. Another good tip would be to move around throughout the day. Sitting at a desk hour after hour is detrimental to the body. Something fun to do would be every 30 minutes or even every hour, get up & do some stretches, or better yet, do some sort of exercise: pushups, sit ups, squats, etc.

Q: Each year, eat healthy & exercise regularly top New Year’s Resolution lists. Do you have any tips to help those stay true to their goals throughout the year?

A: The best thing you can do when starting a new exercise or diet plan is keep track of what you’re eating & how you’re feeling through a diary or some sort of food/exercise log. This helps you be able to see the problem areas that you normally wouldn’t. I’ve been surprised on numerous occasions when I thought a certain meal was only so many calories & it turns out that it took up half of my intake for the entire day! There are numerous websites out there that will track every little detail of your diet & exercise regime so you can stay on target with your goals & in doing so, you will learn how to better balance your meals, up your exercise program, or increase/decrease the amount of calories YOU need.

People forget that everyone is completely different, inside & out. You can’t copy someone’s diet or exercise plan to the T because they are not you.

Ryan Meador, NASM CPT, joined Meador Staffing in January of 2013. He brings a fresh and much needed perspective of health and wellness to the Meador culture. While working full-time at Meador, Ryan is also currently pursuing his degree in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Clear Lake, to finish up in May. In addition to his personal training certification, Ryan has also obtained his CrossFit Lv1 Trainer certification. He currently coaches at CrossFit Deer Park.

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