What Engages Employees on the Job? | Pasadena Business

Keeping your employees engaged and happy on the job will ensure that your company has an opportunity to stay competitive in today’s market. Employees are spending more time engaged with Facebook in the office than their own job functions and this is costing companies a lot of money in lost production. How do you make… Read More »

Embrace Wellness in the Workplace

Healthcare costs continue to rise and stress is the number one factor for employee burn out. Why not take matters into your own hands as an employer and embrace a wellness program in your office. Many people feel they don’t have the time to commit to working out or eating well because they spend 40… Read More »

What Your Resume Needs to Say

There is really only one thing your resume needs to say to a hiring manager. It needs to ask the question “what makes me a better candidate than all the other people who have submitted their resume to this job?” It is important for that to be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Recruiters… Read More »

Improve Yourself as a Leader: Engaged Employees

Everyone today is dealing with an overwhelming amount of information. We have constant access to the internet and much of our business is conducted this way. Streams of information can easily bog down managers and employees alike. Feeling pressure from this kind of information overflow occasionally leads to decreased communication skills. However, a good leader… Read More »