Improve Yourself as a Leader: Engaged Employees

Everyone today is dealing with an overwhelming amount of information. We have constant access to the internet and much of our business is conducted this way. Streams of information can easily bog down managers and employees alike. Feeling pressure from this kind of information overflow occasionally leads to decreased communication skills. However, a good leader can overcome these challenges and step up to the plate. There are several simple ways improve leadership skills and keep your employees engaged on the job. Here are four tips for keeping employees satisfied and becoming a better manager.

  1. Focus on your employees. The most important, but simple, thing you can do to engage your employees is to recognize their challenges and concerns. Put yourself in their shoes to see the things they have to deal with every day and determine if there are ways to make improvements. Active listening will create a better relationship between you and your team.
  2. Honest is the best policy. Some managers feel that they need to provide delicate answers to their employees’ questions. The truth is most employees want straight and honest answers to their concerns. Being transparent and authentic will win more employee loyalty than trying to be spare feelings around the office. Don’t be unnecessarily cruel, but be honest with your feedback.
  3. Avoid over complicating the issues. Many businesses have industry specific language that they use as a way to keep themselves distant from everyone else. Employees don’t like to be the ones who are kept at a distance. Not only should you keep your messages honest but keep them simple and understandable so you don’t lose your employees attention before you even have it.
  4. Be interesting and they’ll be interested. To engage in any relationship it is a give and take. People gravitate towards others to whom they feel a connection. When you are sharing an important message with your team wrap it in a story or some other inviting language. This will get, and keep, their attention. Your employees will be more likely to listen to your next request or set of instructions if they feel empowered by your message.

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