LinkedIn Search: What You Need to Know as a Job Seeker

Over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find candidates for their open jobs. It is important as a job seeker to be where the recruiters are looking. Here are seven things that it is important to know about linkedin in to help you find your next opportunity.

  1. Be complete and be connected. LinkedIn uses algorithms that sort connections by relevance. You will show up at the top of the search for people to whom you are already connected. Increase your network through first level connections to maximize this. Also, be sure your profile is listed at 100% complete as the searches are also showing completed profiles at the top of the results.
  2. “Keywords” are not meaningless. With the major changes in Google searches many professionals are saying that peppering your profile with keywords is no longer necessary. However, recruiters are still using keywords in their LinkiedIn search. Linked in still uses smart searches and will return results based on where in the profile the keywords are included. Your headline, job title, and skills are good places to include this information.
  3. Use all the characters, join all the groups. When writing your headline it is a good idea to use all of the available character spaces. Also, LinkedIn has a cap on how many groups you can join so use all of those slots and find as many groups that relate to your industry or hobbies as you can. Creating the most detailed and complete profile means using all of the space and connections available to you.
  4. The “contact me” section. Your LinkedIn profile has an option to include advice for how to contact you directly. Keep in mind that LinkedIn does not use this field for their searches so adding key words isn’t necessary. However, you should maximize this space by including all of the ways a hiring manager can reach you including your phone number and email address.
  5. Synonyms. It is impossible to know exactly what combination of words a recruiter will use to search on LinkedIn so you may as well use them all. Consider all the ways you can phrase what it is that you do. If you work in Information Technology you may want to include the entire phrase, IT, support engineer, computer support, and any other combination of words that may pop up in a typical search.
  6. Review your progress. Every once in a while click on the sidebar option that reads “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”  Not only does this give you some insight on the individuals who have clicked on your information but also provides a chart that shows you how many searches you’ve appeared in. Each search on LinkedIn returns a list of names, profile photos, and headlines. If you’re appearing in a number of searching but not getting a lot of views you can revisit these aspects of your profile.
  7. LinkedIn is Number One. LinkedIn results appear more than any other social networking site in Google searches. By completing your profile you are not only inviting recruiters to view your information from within the site but also those who are searching externally.

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