3 Tips for Onboarding Temps

Temporary employees require special consideration. Often bringing a temp on board is a process that is taken for granted. We expect them to “hit the ground running” but fail to realize that they need some coaching on the company culture and environment to be successful. If you want to ensure the success of your new temporary employee consider an onboarding program to get them acclimated to the job and business. Here are three tips for an easy start to your temp’s assignment.

  • Keep your staff in the know. Your current team often holds the key to creating a comfortable environment for your temporary employee. Before the temp starts work talk to your staff about who will be joining them, how long their assignment will be, and what they are there to accomplish. This will also give you an opportunity to assure your staff that their jobs are not going to be threatened by this new, short term employee. They are there to make the job easier, not harder.
  • Provide continuous communication. You trust your new temp employee and believe that they can do the duties assigned, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them for three months. Provide consistent feedback, both good and bad, to help them with their assignment. Negative situations have a way of accumulating and if you don’t address issues right away you may find that they can’t be fixed. Also, be sure to offer feedback to your recruiter. This will help them understand how their employee is performing.
  • Designate a mentor. Ask one of your trusted team members to help ease the transition of the new temporary employee. This person can work as a mentor and help the temp learn about the office and be a go-to person for questions. Everything from where the copy machine is located to best place to grab lunch in the area are ways the mentor can help the temp. The mentor employee can also check in with the temp and will become someone your new employee can trust to answer questions.

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