3 Ways to Improve Culture and Attract Candidates

Your company culture is the glue that ties your business and your employees together. It is the very thing that can motivate your team to perform at the top of their game. How can you leverage your corporate culture to attract the best candidates to your door step when you’re hiring? Here are three ways you can improve your company culture now and hire the best and the brightest.

  1. Flexible schedules. Employees crave a better work/life balance. Companies that don’t offer flexible schedule options are losing candidates to organizations who do. Some management teams believe that employees need more structure and can’t handle this type of flexibility, but that is not proving to be true. There are a few ways that flexible hours can be implemented. Flexible start and end times can help employees skip rush hour or be home when school lets out. Work from home options are also popular and can either be entirely remote or just a few days a week depending on your in office needs. A results oriented workplace is another option. In this workplace you expect your team to complete their work by a deadline but the time they spend on it is not tracked. They can work at their own pace as long as they provide results.
  2. Community involvement. Many professionals, especially those who are part of generation Y, are interested in working for organizations who take on some social and community responsibility. They want to know that their employer cares about the world and the place where they live and conduct business. You can work with local charities or organizations to raise donations or volunteer for special events. Allow your employees to share the causes that are important for them. At the holidays, rather than giving gifts to your clients, make a charitable donation to a local group instead. Give your clients certificates that indicate a donation has been made in their name.
  3. Collaborative opportunities. Innovation in the workplace is a product of collaborative efforts. Generation Y is already experienced with working on these types of projects as they were raised with apps and tools that facilitate teamwork in this way. Harness this momentum to improve your company’s effectiveness and innovation. Establish an environment conducive to collaboration. Organize communal spaces and make the office easy to navigate. Use collaborative tools such SalesForce or Google Apps to encourage departments to work together.

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