3 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

When you’re face to face with a candidate for a job interview it is important to ask as many detailed questions as possible. You want to know about their ability to conduct the job, how they will fit into the current corporate culture, and how they will behave in the workplace. There are a few questions that seem like they would provide some insight into the candidate but are really questions to avoid. It is important to keep in mind the subjects and questions that you should not bring up in an interview to avoid potential legal trouble for your company. Here are three interview questions that you should never ask.

  1. Are you married or do you have children? Basing a hiring decision on whether or not a candidate has a family is a legal problem. If you want to know whether or not the individual will require time off of work you can phrase the question differently without ever bringing up children or marital status. Instead, ask them if they can commit to the schedule for the job as indicated by your job description or company policies. Childcare arrangements and their relationship status cannot be a concern for the company.
  2. What church do you attend? In most cases, religious affiliation is not a requirement of employment and should not be made a condition of the interview. You cannot ask if a candidate is religious or to what religion they belong. These types of questions should be avoided all together.
  3. Can you please give me the password for your Facebook account? There were a number of high profile news stories in the last few years surrounding this behavior by some companies. Other organizations even required candidates to log into their accounts while the hiring manager could watch and read over their shoulders. However, many states are currently passing laws that make this practice illegal. Gaining information from public social media is acceptable in certain circumstances but accessing a candidate’s private information is not.

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