12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Companies

Collaboration is becoming a hot button issue for many new employees. Generation Y has been raised in a culture of collaboration and they expect this kind of interaction in the workplace. Recently, several industry experts have shared what they believe to be the 12 habits of high collaborative organizations. Let’s take a look at these traits now.

  1. Value the individual. Everyone on your team brings a different perspective along with different skills. While you are looking for a collaborative result don’t forget to reward individuals for their hard work or good ideas.
  2. Have a strategy before technology. Many companies want to implement the latest technology but unless you have a strategy that can show you how it will benefit your company you may want to take a step back.
  3. Listen to your employees. In order to encourage collaboration in your office you need to have a policy that values what your employees are saying.
  4. Get out of the way. Don’t let your need for control stand in the way of innovation among your team.
  5. Lead by Example. The best way to demonstrate your desire for collaborative projects is to lead your team by example. Roll up your sleeves and get to work innovating new ideas along with everyone else.
  6. Go with the flow. Innovation is often an organic process followed by a “eureka” moment. You can’t force creativity and you can’t demand innovation.
  7. Create a supportive environment. You want to establish an office environment that is not only open to collaborative working arrangements but encourages them. Create spaces in the office that bring people together rather than separating them into cubicles.
  8. Measure the right things. So many organizations get caught up in metrics and reporting. Rather than looking at the dollars and cents evaluate the potential, the incremental goals, and the long term feasibility of the project.
  9. Be persistent. Motivation is very important when it comes to creative innovation. Be persistent with the project but don’t micromanage it.
  10. Adapt and evolve with the changes. Some managers have a hard time with change. Don’t get stuck in an idea of the way things used to be. Embrace this new order and evolve your management style to fit within it.
  11. View the customer benefits. A collaborative workplace will produce products and services that will be of value to your customer base. Look at the end result and your customer satisfaction to measure the success.
  12. View the corporate benefits. Your team will also benefit from a collaborative workplace. You will see less competition between staff members and more satisfaction with their jobs.

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