“What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” – How to Answer

The interviewing process can be nerve wracking for candidates. No matter how long you’ve been on the job market or how much practice you’ve had, answering some of the same questions over and over again can be difficult. There is one particular question that has been plaguing job seekers for time and memorial: what is your biggest weakness? How do you answer such a loaded question without casting doubt on your abilities to perform the job or fit in with the company? Here are some tips for your next interview.

  • Be specific and genuine. For example, rather than saying you aren’t organized, which can lead to believing you’re not detailed oriented and won’t be able to keep up with the work, say that your desk sometimes gets overrun as you concentrate on projects. They key here is to then offer how you overcome this challenge. Let the interviewer know you have developed a system where you create folders for each project and file them once you switch focus. That way you always know where the information for each project is even if you’re not currently working on it. Let them know that you like to take some time at the end of the day to evaluate each project and reorganize as much as possible so your desk isn’t messy when you arrive to work the next morning.
  • Avoid anything that will risk your chance at the job. When you prepare for your interview make sure to learn all the aspects of the job description. When you’re asked about your weakness don’t offer something that is essential for this role. If you’re applying for an executive assistant role where your job is to keep the executive organized, lacking in this skill can be disastrous for your chance at receiving an offer. However, if your role is primarily in customer service on the phone, your personal organizational system shouldn’t impact the customer’s experience. Again, make sure you let them know how you solve this challenge on a daily basis.
  • A weakness isn’t always a bad thing. A weakness is simply something that isn’t a strength. You aren’t incapable of staying organized on the job but aren’t naturally organized and need to put some extra effort into the process each day. When you’re answering the question make sure you don’t fall into the trap of rephrasing a strength as a weakness. This can come off as disingenuous and accomplish exactly the opposite reaction. For instance, don’t tell them that you just work too hard and someone needs to tell you to go home at the end of the day. If you are hired after declaring this they may become frustrated when you zip out of the office when the clock strikes 5pm every day.

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