6 Ways to Find and Hire Good Millennials

The Millennial Generation, also called Generation Y, is leading the market right now. They are surpassing Baby Boomers are the biggest generation in the workforce today. However, just because someone is a part of this technological generation doesn’t mean that they are a strong fit for your organization. How do you attract and hire good quality millennial employees? Here are six methods that can work for you.

  1. Be honest in your interview. There was a time when interviewers would be cautious about the way they described a job environment or an executive. You might have said that the executive could be difficult but what you really meant is that sometimes they would yell and scream in the office. Millennials appreciate honesty, and they can work within your environment as long as they are prepared for whatever it is.
  2. Avoid entitlement mentality. Many millennials were raised in an environment where everyone was a winner. They may have always gotten their way, and if they didn’t they made sure their helicopter parents got involved. Not all millennials are like this so avoid the ones who are.
  3. See how hungry they are. Some people might act as though the work is beneath them or that they just don’t have time to do all of the things expected. No matter how tedious a task is, it is no doubt essential for the job and not just created to make life harder. Talk to millennials who are eager to work, want to get experience, and are willing to learn.
  4. Trust your first impressions. The interview is the best way to get to know a prospective candidate. Regardless of someone’s experience or educational background, if they make you feel uncomfortable as a person in the interview that won’t change once they are on the job. Trust your instincts and hire someone who clicks with you and the office.
  5. Make them just a little uncomfortable. However, on the flip side, when you allow anyone who seems to be pampered to do their job the way they see fit it can have disastrous results. If you see someone getting too comfortable on the job, shake them up a bit. Throw them a challenge and see how they respond.
  6. Be a mentor. Recognizing the talent and cultivating it means that, as a manager, you sometimes have to be entirely selfless. If you have a good millennial employee you can’t keep them under your wing forever. Help them move up in their career even if that means you have to start over.

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