Business Development Manager Jobs in Austin | Salary Breakdown

Business development is one part sales, one part brand manager, and one part operations. This role is responsible for a number of things all dependent on the type of company they work for including marketing, product development, presentations, contracts, and meetings. If you think you may want to be involved in business development, here is a salary breakdown of the types of jobs available in Austin and what you can expect.

  • Match your previous experience to business development.
    Since business development is a broad job category you may have more experience than you think. Look at descriptions for business developer jobs you’re most interested in and see how your current skills are transferable or similar to what they are looking for. Change your resume language to reflect this.
  • Talk with others in the industry to gain new knowledge.
    The best way to learn more about business development is to talk to other professionals in the industry. Join a trade group and attend meetings. Reach out to others on LinkedIn. Establish mentoring relationships with experienced business developers in your area.
  • Consider an MBA as continuing education.
    Many successful business developers have advanced degrees including their Master’s in business administration. If you’ve thought about going back to school, entering an MBA program might be your best bet.
  • Work with a local staffing company.
    If you’re interested in finding a career in business development, it will be beneficial for you to connect with a local professional staffing company in your area to see what kinds of jobs are available. They can help you tailor your resume and sell your skills to their clients.
  • The salary range for business development professionals in Austin.
    Salary range for business development managers in the Austin area is between $65,000 and $137,000. The median salary is around $99,000. Before accepting a position, check with websites like to learn more about the possible compensation packages.

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