4 Benefits to Working with a Texas Recruiter

If you’re in the market for a new job you may not have thought about contacting a local recruiter. All too often recruiters and staffing agencies have received an unfair negative reputation but staffing services also help thousands of people every year find jobs. There is no obligation and a recruiter is simply another potential… Read More »

Ways to Improve Culture and Attract Candidates

Your company culture is just as important as your salary and benefits packages. Especially with the influx of Generation Y candidates your company will need to stay ahead of the competition to bring on the most talented new employees. Millennials are requiring a better work/life balance in a way that their Baby Boomer counter parts… Read More »

3 Ways to Follow Up if a Job is on Hold

Internal decisions can be just as confusing for an open job as the interviewing process. Sometimes, even after an interview, a job seeker can find out that a job is on hold. It may be due to budget concerns or a hiring freeze established by a corporate office after the job was advertised. In any… Read More »