Give More to Get More Out of Networking

Networking may be the most essential skill you will ever learn as a professional. However, many of the ideas that we have about networking are antiquated. The question, “what’s in it for me?” is no longer the most important question that you can ask yourself. Instead, you might want to start thinking about how you… Read More »

What Type Of Office Setting Works

The layout of your office is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make as a business owner. The good news is that this is a flexible decision that can change if you need to any time along the way. So is an open office with no set desks a good decision or a recipe… Read More »

Making A Career Switch? Show Your Versatility

Lots of professionals are deciding to enter the job market in a different capacity than their experience would indicate. It is okay to make a switch in your career, but it is up to you to sell a hiring manager on your experience, transferable skills, attitude,and the ability to adapt. So how can you show… Read More »

Take Your Introverted Personality and Become a Great Leader

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think about what it means to be a successful leader is an extroverted personality. But do you really have to be that type of a people person to effectively lead others? The truth is that introverts have plenty of skills they can offer, and can… Read More »