When Is It the Right Move to Hire a Boomerang Worker?

Have you ever heard the term boomerang worker? This is someone who, for whatever reason, decided to leave your organization and, after a period of time, ask to come back to work for you again. There may be dozens of potential reasons that they left in the first place and just as many that led them to back to the table. For employees who were originally the right fit for your company, when do you consider bringing them back into your organizations? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. Easy to reintegrate to company culture.

The biggest benefit of bringing someone back who left the company is that they already understand not only the job but the corporate culture. There will be little training in terms of integrating them into the office environment. They will be able to, for the most part, pick up where they left off and get right down to business in their official role.

2. Incorporate their new skills in your business.

What did they do in the time since they left your company? They may have worked in a job or for a competitor that taught them skills you can now incorporate into your own business. Use their increased experience to your advantage. That could be a main reason they left your company. The employee wanted to learn new skills they wouldn’t easily learn. Now, they want to return to your great culture and use their newly acquired skills.

3. Bring back a sense of excitement.

Bringing back a favorite employee can help boost morale in the office. Not everyone leaves for negative reasons, but their departure can impact the rest of the staff. When someone returns, it is like a homecoming for everyone. Your staff will be delighted to see their former co-worker back in the office. Even new employees can’t help but react to the positivity.

4. Reinforce company loyalty.

Hiring someone back does something else to the team mentality of the business. It will demonstrate that you are still loyal to people who do well for you in the company. You hire someone back because they were a good employee at the time, and you allowed them to pursue other interests. You reinforce that when someone leaves, you don’t just stab them in the back or erase their memory.

5. Save money on the hiring process.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits for hiring a former employee back is to eliminate all of the cost of recruiting. You won’t need to review resumes, conduct interviews, do references or any of the other trappings that come with hiring a new candidate. You will also save time and money on the training process since it will be faster for them to get up to speed in their new role.

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