Want to Make a Great Hire? Here’s the Key

Your job as a hiring manager is to hire the very best person for the role. Many companies turn to assessment tests and psychological profiles to mitigate any of the risk involved in bringing an outsider into an established group. And, try as you might, bad hires happen. There isn’t one tried and true method to ensure that you’re hiring the right person, but there are some universal truths that can help you uncover the best candidates. Here are some things to consider.

Personal relationships build better employees.

We all feel better about a relationship when there is a connection. There needs to be a spark that you like this individual as a person, and vice versa. If you don’t like each other, the working relationship will never progress past polite formalities. If you want to hire a better candidate, get to know the whole person. Ask them appropriate questions to uncover their motivation. Begin that development during the interviewing process and establish a strong base during the first weeks of your new employee’s tenure.

Why outside the box matters.

Experts know that the best candidate is never someone that fits neatly into one specific box. For instance, if you hire someone with a very specific skill and then technology changes to make that skill obsolete, if this individual isn’t adaptable they are no longer the best employee you have. All of this matters. Hire the best all-around person for the job, not just the person with specific skills. It’s easier to teach new skills than it is to teach soft skills, communication and adaptability.

Hire people who can adapt to change.

To this end, you want to hire people who are not only skilled at what they do, but are willing to learn whatever it takes to continue to be a valuable employee for your company. You want someone who isn’t stubbornly set in their ways. You want someone who will embrace change and understand that change is often the key to innovation. Companies that don’t change will eventually get left behind. You want people ready to make changes on your team.

Uncover the right people.

Lastly, it is important to know that you aren’t always going to find these best candidates through traditional recruiting. You need to expand your network. You need to use creative channels to uncover the right people from wherever they might be, which is probably not openly applying on job boards. Be forward and ask for what it is you want without creating a description so challenging that no one fits it.

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